Magpie Quilts and the Unaquilter.


In the spring of 2013, I bought a $65 Singer sewing machine at Wal-Mart and rekindled my love of crafting. A few weeks later, I decided to make a quilt — with no instruction, no pattern, and having read not a single book or tutorial. Within a month, I was hooked and I began making quilt after quilt after quilt, most of them gifts given as surprises to friends and family.

I dubbed myself the “Unaquilter” (because my obsessive plotting and brown-paper packages were reminiscent of Ted Kaczynski, in a good way of course) and I branded my cottage industry Magpie Quilts (after my former blogging pseudonym). This page provides a convenient index for all of my Unaquilter creations and stories.

Audrey’s Birthday Quilt

Tucker’s Birthday Quilt

Batt and Jennie’s Birth Quilt

Kate’s College Quilt

Sarah and James’ Wedding Quilt and their thank you

Johnna’s 50th Birthday Quilt

Rachel’s Sock Monkey Quilt

Sarah’s “Lifetime of Love” Quilt

Strawberry Jam

“Fireflies” Mini Quilt

Sunday in the Park


Stained Glass

Kate’s Tennis Quilt

Maridel’s Mini Quilt

Sizzle’s Quilt

Evie’s Great-Great-Great Quilt

Hattie’s Baby Quilt

Pearl’s Baby Quilt

A Beautiful Backlog

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