Day 9: The weekend.

Dear friends,

No additional words necessary.

With gratitude {for time to quilt, cook, and nap — all without pantyhose and heels},

Joan, who can’t stop humming Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend,” cheesy as it is

A Saturday meditation.

Dear friends,

breathe in

I’ll be doing my job today. And maybe some quilting. And reading. And dreaming. Topped off with a dinner out with Mr. Mom.

What more does one need on a rainy spring Saturday?


With gratitude {for weekend meditations},

Joan, who as the former Mayberry Magpie is still stuck on bird motifs, so she added one here and plans to make a paper flock very soon for flight to friends everywhere

PS: PicMonkey is my new favorite photo editing software. If you’re no pro with Photoshop and are looking for something easy to use, give it a try here.