Red alert.

Dear friends,

Not me, but I wish.

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In contrast to Tuesday, Wednesday was a very good day. (Down, up . . . remember when I said life is a rollercoaster?)

The chief reason for my Wednesday goodness was 90 minutes spent at the salon. New color, new cut, a lip wax, a couple of glasses of wine because my stylist is just that cool, and all is well in my world.

When I got home, Mr. Mom was trying to tell me a story from his day, but I was a little preoccupied with my hair. I was standing in front of the mirror, frankly admiring the color job and inspecting my upper lip, when I interrupted his story and said “But do you like my hair?”

I’m married to a man of vast patience who does not insist, really ever, that his needs come first. And after all these years, he’s used to me interrupting him. So he stopped talking, took a long look at my hair, and finally said. “Yes. I do like it.” (Bing, bing, bing! Give the man a prize for his excellent answer!)

“What about the color?” I said. “It’s redder. Do you like this color?”

“Sure,” he said, in what sounded like a sincere tone. Then he paused for a moment and finally offered, “It doesn’t look all that different to me. I liked it before and I like it now and it doesn’t seem like much of a change.” (Quick quiz for any males reading: Is this a safe answer for a husband?)

I must have given him a funny look (read: not a safe answer) because he quickly responded: “Honestly, honey, I’m probably not the best person to ask. I mean, you’re talking to a man who didn’t even comb his hair today.”

And there you have it. The entire secret of our happy marriage: Yin and Yang.

Well, that and brutal honesty.

With gratitude {for the man, who 27 years earlier called to invite me to dinner and was told no, not tonight, because of an unfortunate encounter with Miss Clairol that resulted in moss green hair, and who was completely, unreservedly undeterred by something as inconsequential as dating a girl with green hair},

Joan, who in her lifetime has been a tall blonde, a tall brunette, a tall redhead, a tall green-headed toad, and is currently sporting a lovely blend of all those shades except green