A king-sized makeover.

Dear friends,


Last week I made a quick business trip to St. Louis and, while I was there, I picked up a few things for Kate’s room. The results are shown in the Instagram photo above.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s nothing that perks up a bedroom quite like new bedding. In addition to buying a white seersucker duvet, I purchased a bright paisley quilt, some new throw pillows, and three fun art canvasses, which we hung over her bed and then strung with twinkly lights.  All the items came from Target.

Kate had no idea I was planning a makeover and she was thrilled with the results.

Can I just say that’s something I absolutely LOVE about my daughter? She and I share similar tastes in home decor, fashion and jewelry, so I often shop spontaneously for her. I’m not sure if I always hit the mark, or she shares my commitment to gratitude and accepts my gifts graciously. Either way, it’s nice to have a daughter who doesn’t seem to have a picky bone in her body.

Why the sudden urge to re-make her bed? Well — it’s not so sudden. When we moved two years ago, she inherited the king-size bed from our guest bedroom. Because we were moving from a four-bedroom home to a three-bedroom home, we chose to discard her full-size bed rather than the spare king-size bed. Since she was leaving for college after a year, it made more sense to keep a bigger bed in her room for the occasional guest. The only problem was that by inheriting the bed, she also inherited the bedding, which neither of us really liked that much but which we made do.

I’ve been window shopping for bedding ever since — but just never pulled the trigger. Last week, I was so happy to have her home for the summer that I broke down and loaded up during a quick dash into Target. Besides, Target has great prices and the re-do met my affordability threshhold.

I think the bright oranges, yellows and pinks look terrific with her turquoise walls. And you can imagine how blank the wall above her bed looked before we hung the art. In the words of my favorite philosopher, popularly known as the Dude, the art “really tied the room together.”

If you’re interested in a closer look at some of the items, you can find the duvet here, a version of the Love pillow here, the quilt here, and the three canvasses here and here and here.

I’m delighted that Kate has a summer oasis to call her own with a true college-coed vibe, instead of the stuffy, old-lady vibe created by our former guest-room castoffs.

With gratitude {for a quick-fix and the opportunity to spread some love to my favorite college girl},

Joan, who bought the Eiffel Tower canvas because she studied French in college and still dreams of aller a Paris un beau jour

Okay, so now’s he just tormenting me.

Dear friends,

I can be a bit particular about things.

One of the things I can be particular about is my bed.

Like my dining table, I think my bed ought to be beautiful, multi-layered and carefully arranged.

And just like I adore buying linens for my tables, I adore buying linens for my bed. I tend to switch out duvets and shams frequently.

With each new set comes a new linen/pillow “arrangement.”

And I don’t usually like to disparage Mr. Mom, but he’s totally out of his league on this one. He cannot seem to keep up.

I purchased new linens not long ago. And despite the fact that I have taken great care to teach him how to properly make the bed, he can’t seem to do it with the precision I require.

The deal is — if he wants to get his tookus out of bed, I’ll see that it gets made. But Mr. Mom is typically still in it when I walk out the door in the morning, so all I can say is — you snooze, you lose buddy.

Except I’m losing because he is either unwilling or unable to make the bed properly.

This is what awaited me when I walked in Wednesday night:

Was he bored? Did he take up Bed Origami? Pillow Jenga?

The fold of the duvet is an approximation of my specifications, but the top sheet is supposed to be military-tight and tucked in on all sides. You can’t see it from this photo, but the sides of the sheet were hanging woefully below the platform.

And those pillows? He was mocking me. I don’t like to be mocked.

It’s bad enough that our bed is lopsided. It’s been that way for a few years after we finally cried uncle on a long series of “compromise” mattresses. He likes rock hard. I like feather soft. So we bought two twins and laid them side-by-side. Mine is six inches higher than his because it has a pillowtop and two additional store-bought foam pads. (He has to climb uphill to snuggle. That might be too much information, but it enforces the personal space I require and I wanted you to know in case you suffer from the same marital dilemma.)

My point is — my bed is already lopsided and he keeps making it worse by refusing to make it properly.

So my question to you, dear readers, is what’s a girl to do?

With gratitude {for the sage advice I know you will offer a damsel in distress},

Joan, also known as the Princess Who Suffers Not from a Pea but from a Pea-Brained Partner