When life hands you snow . . . think spring!

Dear friends,

It’s been snowing endlessly ’round my place.


The temps have been frigid for weeks and, just when the sun comes out and we think we might warm up (where warm equals anything above 40 degrees), the arctic air sweeps back in and brings snow or sleet with it.  Today’s snowstorm is the just the latest in what has been a long winter.

I took a couple of days of vacation to bookend my weekend and celebrate spring break, only my break is decidedly un spring-like.

So as the snow piled up Sunday, I did what any pajama-clad, home-bound vacationer would do: I cooked and crafted.

Earlier today I made biscuits and gravy, bacon, and Pioneer Woman’s eggs in hashbrown nests. Right now I’m waiting on the short ribs in my oven to finish braising so I can smother a big dish of polenta with fork tender ribs and their gravy-of-goodness.

In the mean time, I’ve been re-styling my buffet and mirror from a Valentine’s vortex to an Easter epiphany. Here’s a wreath I made after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.


It took all of 15 minutes to make. It’s just a Styrofoam wreath wrapped with “eyelash” yarn. The flowers are cut from lace trim and held on with pearl-tipped pins. It makes me long for a lush lawn and the opportunity to romp barefoot with the dogs.

In addition to this wreath, I added some paper lanterns, some Easter egg garland, and a S-P-R-I-N-G banner I made from a bit of leftover burlap, rickrack and twine. Here’s an artsy-fartsy photo of all that (where artsy-fartsy equals a Snapseed edit on my iPhone because I’m so lazy these days I hardly ever get out the Nikon).


The snow’s really piled up now so I think I’ll adjourn for supper. I hear those short ribs calling my name.


With gratitude {for any excuse to stay home and putter},

Joan, who wonders what spring projects you’re preparing to tackle