Spring break and a fresh start.

Dear friends,

I’m blessed to have a multitude of friends — some lifelong ones back home, some new ones who I’m enjoying getting to know here, and some virtual ones I’ve met through blogging and who, despite their geographic distance, feel like “real” friends to me.

I introduced you to Annie in this post. She’s the talented cook, writer and photographer behind the blog Phoo-D. I’ve been following her for as long as I’ve been blogging and I always enjoy checking in on what’s new in her world.

And I learned yesterday, there’s a lot new in her world.  Click here to read about her amazing journey and transformation.

I found her post so inspiring, I’m off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for her Kitchen Sink Soup. I haven’t been following my own advice for healthy living for a while now, running less and less, and eating more and more packaged and snack foods. It’s spring break in our world and I’m fortunate to have next week off. (It’s my last spring break, sniff sniff, while both my children live with me.) So with both the inspiration and the time to get myself back on track, I’m off to stock up on healthy and fresh foods.

With gratitude {for good friends, good food, and a glorious week of vacation ahead of me},

Joan, who’ll be eating her Kitchen Sink Soup in front of Netflix this afternoon in a last-ditch attempt to catch up on Mad Men before the Season Five premiere airs tonight