Welcome to Gratitude.

Dear friends,

If you’re new to this space, if you wandered over from Momastery today to poke around or say hello, it only seemed right for me to be the first to welcome you.

I’m absolutely delighted you are here.

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years, under two mastheads. For all of that time and through hundreds of stories, no more than about a hundred folks ever showed up. I’ve got way more stories than I do people. I’m not complaining. It’s been a cozy place, a safe place, mostly filled with people who know me in real life and would listen to my stories even if I never wrote them down.

So since you don’t know me, and you aren’t likely to hear my latest story at your dinner party or when we bump into each other at the grocery store, I feel a little nervous. I feel like the new girl who just moved into your neighborhood and isn’t sure whether you think her wave is friendly or weird.

But, actually, this is my neighborhood, so I think the polite thing is to show you around.

Here’s the deal: Most of what I write about is completely unnecessary. Like you really need another cake recipe or photo of my children or details about the quilt I’m sewing. I get it. But I’m still grateful for the friends who show up regularly and tolerate my babbling or latest obsession.

But once in a blue moon, something pops into my head, and a story more urgent, more consequential, more discerning makes its way straight from my heart into this space as a kind of offering from one hopeful tramp to another.

And on those days, rare as they are, it’s pretty cool. Nothing in the world makes me happier than writing. And nothing about writing makes me more joyful than knowing my words resonated with you.

So if you’re in the mood to explore, here are a few of my favorite stories. From me to you.

Some Reflections on 50


The Beverly Hillbillies

The Minions Want You to Know the Truth

Beans Knocked Cornbread Outta Sight

Just This

My life of Entitlement

My Love Affair with Mayberry

One Little Teary Burst of Joy

With Gratitude {for Glennon},

Joan, who has one more story she wants to tell you about Glennon but is still figuring out the right words



  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I did wander over from Momastery today and I’m glad. I so enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more of your beautiful writing.

  2. I love ALL your stories. Quilts, cakes, table-settings and kids included!
    p.s. I have tried to comment of late and no luck….hope it works today!

  3. Mary pyles says:

    I sooooo enjoy you thoughts, reflections, and musings!!

    Mary….M* forums!

  4. I wandered over from Glennon as well. Your story is moving…I am married to an alcoholic as well. But, Joan, I came here to read more as your voice is compelling on its own. I am glad to have found you and I will be reading what you share with us.

  5. Also found you through G. Excellent writing – will be following!

  6. Hey – no fair! If your lovely new-friends-we-just-don’t-know-well-yet are here due to a particular post somewhere else? Please let your friends-from-here-who-are-always-on-the-lookout-for-another-safe-harbor-with-good-storytelling have the link back? (Sorry to everybody for using up all the dashes in the universe. Some days I just can’t seem to stop…)

  7. Your blog just went on my A-team and I haven’t even read the stories at the bottom. I appreciate your honesty. You are a terrific writer! And I bake and blog and sew so I think we’re going to be friends. 🙂

  8. I’m with texasdeb. What did Momastery say to drive these newcomers to our town square?

    • I went to Momastery and saw your guest blog. I always loved that one. It’s great to see your fan club grow!

      • And now I’m with Mdel..I went over to Momastery to see what was what. I always loved that story, too. I am The Sister (InLaw, but many of the same rules apply) and that story helped me see that I was not altogether crazy in my reactions to trying to love her, or at least, certainly not alone…

  9. Here from Momastery and I was wowed by your incredible writing. I’m grateful to have found you.

  10. Michelle Yarwood says:

    Your story about your sister’s alcoholism/addiction and your anger shield resonated so strongly with me. Thank you. It is incredibly comforting to know that I am not alone. You’re blog is beautiful as is the sharing of your vulnerability. Thanks again!

  11. Marianne says:

    “Nothing in the world makes me happier than writing.”
    You have mad skills for writing, so by all means Joan, write on. Your words are a gift to us all.

  12. I just clicked over here from G’s blog and what a surprise to see you’re also a quilt addict. Loved your perspective on anger and it’s release. I’Il be sharing that one with our customers as fabric seems to draw in the siblings, the sufferers and the survivors. We’re all in this together.

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