Bang up job.

Dear friends,


We’ve been so busy ’round my house I haven’t had a chance to tell you about a major development in our lives.

The development is part of why we’ve been so busy.

We had a big winter storm last week, during which I was unlucky enough (stupid enough, inept enough, pick-your-adjective enough) to wreck my car.

I’m fine. Only my pocketbook and my pride are damaged and both will recover. But my trusty 2005 Honda Accord with 180,000 miles bit the dust.

I bought this car off the showroom floor after test-driving a number of makes and models. After being convinced I would buy a very mature Volkswagon Passat. After being certain there was no car that would make my heart go pitter-pat like my first (a 1968 Mustang), so why try?

But the six-speed manual Accord Coupe with the v6 engine had so much git-up-and-go (where git-up-and-go equals Joan squealing the tires on the test drive), I was instantly smitten. And I was convinced I would drive my silver bullet AT LEAST until Kate graduates from college.

But it appears the universe wanted to me to have a new car, because the Honda was totaled last Thursday on an icy hill of a busy, roller-coaster highway near our house.

So much for plans.

Anyhoo, Mr. Mom and I are off to St. Louis today to test drive several models. Parker, our resident expert, created our short list. I love that he listed the Scion SRS twice. (Subliminal advertising, perhaps?) I love how he spells Volkswagon. I love that he is a walking-talking Consumer Reports when it comes to anything automotive and that he really wants me to know the Mustang was rated Car and Driver’s best drive under $30K and that it has the best torque, whatever torque means for my driving experience.

I also love that he rolls his eyes whenever I say no new-fangled Mustang could ever compare to my beloved ’68 pea-green pony, so why try to recreate my youth? (Lest you are unclear about my passion for my original Mustang, read this love letter.)

You can bet I’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the mean time, I’m enjoying having extra time with Mr. Mom as he chauffeurs me around town.

With gratitude {for a car and driver},

Joan, who’s really trying to ignore Parker when he suggests she buy a 2014 “Gotta have it green” Mustang and add a custom-painted frog to the rear panel because who needs that kind of temptation?