Days 16 and 17: Just this.

Dear friends,

This consumed my last two days:


Kate was home for the weekend and both SweetPea and I relaxed in the comfort of her presence.

We cooked, we ate, we talked, we napped, we watched television, we cleaned, we celebrated Mr. Mom’s birthday (a couple of days early) and we shopped — all in a single weekend. It was just what this mother hen needed to reconnect with the chickie she misses most.

And — it was a warm-up for next weekend, when I’ll travel to Oklahoma for this big event.

With gratitude {for a much-needed mother-daughter recharge},

Joan, who indulged her little chickie’s special request for biscuits and sausage gravy and was told by everyone who ate them they were the best ever




  1. Sounds like a little bit of heaven for both hen and chick. I’m guessing about the only thing that ranks up there with being able to indulge a child with a favorite dish is to be that child and know that you can go home to Momma and get your wishes granted (at least when it comes to biscuits and sausage gravy).

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