Day 7: Friends and beans.

Dear friends,


I’ve long been a fan of Martha Stewart, even after she went to jail for insider trading. I’ve watched her show, purchased many of her books, and plopped down more than a few bills at Macy’s for her signature home goods. But when she recently criticized food bloggers — well, that’s more than I can stomach.

Practically all the new recipes I cook come from food bloggers. Some of my favorites are Rebecca at Foodie with Family, Lisa at the Cutting Edge of Ordinary, Ree at Pioneer Woman, Krysta at Evil Chef Mom and Annie at Phoo-D.

Krysta and Annie fall squarely into the “not professional” category that Martha dared to snark about — meaning they do it for the love of food and aren’t professional chefs, stylists or writers. Both have been on long hiatuses (they have real life to attend to), but I continue to go back to their archives regularly for favorite recipes. And I can only imagine how much Martha must look down her nose at Pioneer Woman. A home cook who landed on the NY Times Bestseller List and scored her own cooking show? Sacre bleu!

Every single one of women I’ve mentioned on my short list are individuals I’ve gotten to know outside their blogdom and whom I consider friends, even if our relationships are purely virtual. And who wouldn’t rather turn to a friend first for a great recipe?

So suck it, Martha. You’re talking out of your you-know-what on this one.

Case in point: Krysta reappeared on her blog this week with a new recipe that Mr. Mom made for me last night. It’s pure heaven and I want you — no I IMPLORE you — to try it.

Frijoles con todo, otherwise known as bean magic.

Click here for Krysta’s recipe. I won’t bother to say anything more than you deserve to cry in your beans in you never try these beans.

Mr. Mom wants you to know he doubled the recipe and thought it was just right for our family of three. That probably says more about our lumberjack appetites than Krysta’s recipe. I will simply say we ate 2-3 bowls each, because they’re that good, so you really might want to cook more.

With gratitude {for friends with great recipes and frijoles con todo, the perfect comfort food for a chilly fall night},

Joan, who’s also offering a shout-out for her home cook who takes requests, aka Mr. Mom



  1. IrishJenn says:

    I was soooooo happy to see that post from Krysta pop up on my newsfeed yesterday! I’m going to make those beans this weekend.

  2. The recipe looks amazing. Martha can kiss my….grits.

    I’ve become a devotee of Rancho Gordo beans (Napa Cali based). Bought my first bag at the market in SanFrancisco on a visit – carried 4 lbs of beans home in my carryon that trip. Order all my beans online from them now and I’ve never looked back. They offer heritage beans, work with struggling farmers in Mexico, and their other products (herbs, vinegars, etc.) have been uniformly wonderful. Definitely a vendor you and your fellow lumberjacks should check out! (No – I don’t work for them but I think they are superb!)

  3. Beans are the best. Especially when Old Man Winter blows into town on the early shift.

  4. You provided me with the inspiration to make a frittata for the first time last night. It was so yummy that I wanted to eat the whole thing by myself (and I even left out the cheese to try to keep my fat intake down). Self-control prevailed, though, so am having leftovers for lunch.

  5. Leann, this makes me so happy! I make at least one frittata a week and usually have leftovers. That slice-of-pie shaped egg breakfast is great on the go!

    Deb — I’m on it, sister! A better bean? Sign me up!

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