Day 4: The hour.

Dear friends,

On day four of this month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for THE EXTRA HOUR PROVIDED ME NOW THAT THE EVIL DEMON DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME is banished.

Can you tell I hate, HATE, HATE Daylight Savings Time?

I don’t understand why the US Government feels the need to jack with my biorhythms. Twice a year I’m discombobulated. Spring is the worst, of course, but even in the fall when we are given an extra hour, I’m still out of sorts for a while.

Despite my crankiness over this unnecessary adjustment, I put my extra hour to good use on Sunday. I made two terrific meals — Lazy Chilis Rellenos for breakfast and chicken pot pie and garden salad for dinner.

I also got off to a great start on a new quilt I’m making for a friend. I have 16 blocks to make in total and this is my first.


At 20″ square, the block has 45 pieces and 36 seams. It’s no cake walk, but I’m enjoying the demands of the pattern, which you can find here. I have chosen 16 fabric combinations in blues, browns, reds, yellows, and greens, all of which are in modern prints, in contrast to the old-fashioned charm of the pattern.

This is the first of three quilts for friends I’m trying to finish by February, not to mention a table runner commissioned by a friend and regular reader.

Good thing Uncle Sam gave me an extra hour, huh?

With gratitude {for 60 minutes, which arrived just in the nick of time to tackle a project and to restore my sanity},

Joan, who has threatened many times to escape DST by moving to Arizona, but fears she can’t take the heat or the politics



  1. You’ve got my vote – I’m a DST hater from ‘way back. As to Az? I’m guessing you’d take the heat right in stride but the politics…maybe not so much. I’d say come on down to Texas, but we’ve got all three strikes against us – heat/DST/nasty politicking. A regular hat trick of awful. Hmmm – group home in Az? Whatdya think?

  2. My sister lives in Arizona. She escapes the heat by living south of the Grand Canyon in higher climes. There are also more Aquarians up there to take the pinch off the politics.

  3. Deb, do you remember a blog that was active back when I was in “Mayberry” called the Women’s Colony/Derfwad Manor? (I miss that writer, by the way. Her name was Heather, I think.) Anyway, I’ve always thought a women’s colony with women’s rules would be dreamy, as long as men came for conjugal visits and yard work.

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