A month of gratitude.

Dear friends,


Many of my family and friends participate in the “Thanksgiving” meme popular on social networking sites by sharing an expression of gratitude each day in November.

I’ve never joined in. In recent years, my thinking goes: “I have an entire blog devoted to gratitude. A daily Tweet or Facebook post or Instagram photo would be a bit superfluous, no?”

Today, after seeing the first wave of posts and Tweets and pictures — and being moved by so many of them — I’ve decided to dive in. Right here. Right now.

On this first day of November, I am grateful for mobility. I started my day with a 3.5 mile run, followed by yoga stretches and brief meditation. There may be no greater luxury in life than the ability to move one’s limbs at will, to push, to strain, to thrust, to retreat, to tip-toe, to balance, to bend, to grab, to pull, to feel the exquisite power and beauty of our own physicality.

I was reminded this time last week — while lying on the floor staring at the ceiling through back spasms — that mobility is never overrated. I have friends with children whose greatest dream would be to move with the ease and grace afforded me.

Every day that I draw breath, I thank the universe for a body that has served me well. Thank yours, too, won’t you?

With gratitude {for the elegant physics of human movement, even when the 50-year-old’s limbs aren’t all that elegant},

Joan, who’s running in her first 5K race tomorrow, lord willin’



  1. Joan-Marie, I hope you will blog about your first 5k. I’m thinking about running my first one on Thanksgiving morn (Turkey Trot) in celebration of the fact that I have the limbs and lungs to do it. Thank you for reminding me of that blessing.

  2. So glad you are up and moving about with ease again. After suffering with a blown ankle for months I sincerely appreciate mobility as a treasure.

    I’m following a private gratitude observance this year. WIth my first cup of morning coffee, I contemplate something I am grateful for as I pour in the cream. I then drink in my gratitude for that day, trying to keep it in the forefront of my mind. Next morning I’ll start over again with a new aspect to maintain awareness of for that day. Public or private – part of what I’m thankful for is this blog and your writing!


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