Creative cousins.

Dear friends,

I mentioned in my last post that I drove several hours on Saturday for an adventure. The fun involved going to the westernmost point of Missouri (Joplin to be precise) to  meet up with my cousin and enjoy the bounty of a huge crafts and vintage goods show.

Called “2 Friends and Junk,” the event features dealers from three states and travels to four cities over six dates. It was an extravaganza of repurposed, upcycled, handcrafted, vintage, and new wares. I bought everything from old advertising flour scoops to upcycled costume jewelry.

My cousin Allison (named after our grandparents’ surname) owns a design and vintage furniture business in Tulsa and was a featured vendor at the show. Here’s a photo of her display taken with my iPhone:


Isn’t is awesome? She has a real eye for form and color, and she comes by her love of junking honest. (Both her mother and mine loved nothing more than a good garage sale, flea market or auction. Oh how I wished they were alive to see her thrive in this business. They would be so proud of her.)

And what was especially fun for me is that she agreed to sell my quilts. If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice two of them in the bottom left corner of the photo above.

What’s funny is that Allison wanted to approach me about carrying my items and I wanted to ask her, but neither of us wanted to impose on the other. But the more I thought about the stresses of leasing my own booth and the pressure to be the sole provider of inventory, the more I worried that Magpie Quilts would never get launched. After this post, a regular reader and friend from my hometown emailed me to say I ought to sell my quilts though a woman from our town who is opening a new store. I thanked Juanita for the idea, but reminded myself I have a family member doing the same thing. A few Facebook exchanges, texts and a phone call later, we had it all worked out.

For my Oklahoma friends and readers, you can find Farrar Design and Magpie Quilts at the River City Trading Post in Jenks. (You can also find Farrar Design on Facebook.) If you fall in love with the wares of either of the creative cousins, we’ll be delighted.

With gratitude {for great suggestions and unplanned solutions to life’s minor challenges},

Joan, who risks annoying her new retailer by showing you this photo of the cousins from a family wedding but thinks they were exceptionally cute flower girls in 1974

vickie's wedding



  1. There is some serious 70’s style going on in that last photo. Such a fun trip in the way-back machine… So – how did it go? Did you have folks evince interest in the quilts? Are you feeling you’ve got your price point set correctly? You gotta fill us in, JM, can’t lead us this far and then leave us hanging!

  2. It was good to hear about Allison’s successful endeavor and I will tell my Jenks friends. I enjoyed the family picture. Your quilts add a soft dimension to Allison’s furniture picks and the mention of my name in your column made my day. The end table you chose reminds me of one my Aunt Bea had that was mahoganey. It was good to read your earlier post about your sister. There is a thread that is family that matches no other.

  3. Deb — No big sales. There seemed to be a lot of lower-end goods going out the door (I bought a sack full of stuff, nothing over $12), but not a lot of the higher-end stuff. That’s okay. She’ll give it a try at another upcoming show and at her regular store. And if they don’t move, we agreed to mark them down. You can bet I’ll be tooting my horn here when I make a first sale.

    And Juanita — yes, the soft goods really do add a nice touch to the furniture. I need to get busy sewing some more!

  4. PS: I absolutely LOVE our ’70s style in that photo. Mostly because I love and miss everyone in the photo. My beloved Gram is behind me (far left). Next to her is her sister, my great Aunt Hazel, whose white house in “Mayberry” I still dream about. Next to her is my Gram and her sister’s nieces, Virginia and “Big Betty” (because we have a “Little Betty” in our family). Betty is Allison’s mother.

  5. I love the River City Trading Post in Jenks. Seems like a great spot for Magpie Quilts. Plenty of traffic. Love those blue flower girl gowns. My sisters and I wore something similar (although in green dotted swiss) for a cousin’s wedding circa 1965. We looked like little celery stick Cinderellas. .

  6. Vickie Jackson says:

    I wish all those in that picture were going to be at the lady in pinks great granddaughters wedding this weekend. Oh, how I miss all those in the picture! Do you remember how Betty left her dress at home? Laying out on her bed because she didn’t want it to get wrinkled. She had to buy another dress.

    • I did not remember that! How funny. That was such a special time and I treasure the memories. By the way, Gram had many photos of you in the box I inherited . Oh my, you were a stunner!

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