Why? What do you do on a Friday night?

Dear friends,

It was a long week. A long week with a VERY GOOD middle, but a long one nonetheless.

So what’s a girl to do at the end of a long week besides cook a tasty supper and quilt a little?

Oh — you mean that’s not what you do?

(If that sounded snotty, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be. Truth is, I never cook on Fridays and I only recently started quilting, as you know. So it’s not what I do either, except last night I did.)

I have no photos of my supper so I guess I won’t talk much about it. I’ll just say this: I made the most sublime risotto with Shitaki mushrooms purchased at the Farmer’s Market. I wanted to eat the entire pot, but I pushed away from the kitchen island and walked to the dining room table. (Where I quilt.) I’m pretty certain I’ll eat the rest of the risotto for breakfast in the morning, but I know you won’t hold that against me.

After supper, I made a patchwork potholder. I’m kind of embarrassed typing this, because you know . . . Patchwork. Potholder. It sounds like a bad 8th grade Home Economics project. But it was surprisingly fun.


I trust you’ll overlook the fact that it’s a little lopsided and my curved binding is puckered. You sew, you learn.

But look — even the inside of the pocket is cute!


I get style bonus points, right?

The thing is — I needed I small gift/giveaway for an upcoming retreat. AND I needed something to hold several slips of paper for a drawing. I came up with the idea for a quilted heart potholder after I realized I could put the slips of paper in the pocket and get double-duty out of it as a giveaway.

I designed it myself and drew my own pattern, which is a pretentious way of saying it took me longer than it should have. (About three hours.) I’m hoping future potholders will go faster.

Future Potholders of America. I’m thinking I might have coined a phrase for a cottage industry.

With gratitude {for Friday night adventures involving Italian rice dishes and the kitchen linens that tote them},

Joan, an aspiring Miss Future Potholder of America


  1. Sigh….even your Friday nights are productive…. All I mustered was a dog walk and a “Downton Abbey” marathon. Love your potheart!

  2. Love the potholder! I like the teensiest bit off kilter, gives it character!

  3. Very wabi-sabi. Personally I like the slightly off kilter nature of handmade items. When a creative human puts their energies into making something I don’t necessarily want it to look just like something a machine could/would do. Taking something personally done as a gift to a retreat is a lovely touch. So very Joan-Marie.

    Potential FPofA pledge? “Sew help me St. Anne: I, (your name here) solemnly pledge, to always learn when I stitch, and to keep the insides of all my pockets interesting.”

  4. A beautiful potholder, but probably a little more work than I’m up to since I don’t quilt. I have rediscovered making the traditional potholders thought, and I could become dangerous. As a social worker, I’m ready to keep looms and looper clips close by even in my work…a great way to teach focus, centering, have a relatively quick concrete product, and de-stress. Thanks for sharing-Laury

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