Feeling blue.

Dear friends,

There inevitably comes a time in every vacation when the “Sunday night blues” set in. For me and my recent long stretch of time off, it started yesterday. I had four days left and I made the mistake of reading a few work-related emails. All of a sudden, my free-and-easy mindset evaporated and I started feeling edgy and glum.

I figured there was no better solution than to a tackle a project. Checking a box on my to-do list usually lifts my mood so I went blue-on-blue in an effort to shake my doldrums.

Here’s what I started with:


I have eight of these chairs surrounding my dining room table. I recovered the seats in a silk fabric featuring red, gold, and camel stripes not long after I purchased them from an antiques dealer seven years ago.  They’ve seen plenty of wear as you can tell from the stains. I should have recovered them as soon as we moved, but you know how that goes. Plus, I could never make up my mind on a fabric choice.

Earlier this week, I received a shipment of fabric intended for a quilt. Turns out, I didn’t like a couple of my choices for a quilt project, but one was perfect for my chairs. Now they look like this:


How’s that for perked up?

I’m loving how well they (unintentionally) coordinate with my drapes and my new rug.

When we purchased this house two years ago, I spent a fair amount of time deriding the former owner’s proclivity for shades of blue. (I’d always been a green girl.) I immediately banished her blue Formica counter-tops but decided to live for a while with her high-end, blue shades in two rooms. Over time, I realized my green and her blue are awfully close together on the color wheel and can peacefully cohabitate.

bluehouse Collage

So I’m still feeling blue, but I’m no longer gloomy.

With gratitude {for pick-me-up projects done fast and cheap},

Joan, who welcomed a renter this week to her favorite house still for sale back home and is thrilled there’s a family living in the big white house in Mayberry




  1. I am and always will be smitten with that Mayberry home’s front porch. I’m happy it is occupied again. I’m experiencing a bit of a fabric crush on those recovered chairs. Blue on blue ikat – right on trend. What a difference that pop of color makes against the warm tones of the wood floor. I’m imagining your jadeite on the table and getting a little weak in the knees.

  2. So good to see the picture of the Nowata house. I learned that a color change was necessary to realize I had changed something. I love blue and at one time my whole house was blue and it didn’t overwhelm me. I even like song titles with blue in them. Use Old English stain on some of those chair scratches. Works beautifully. Just apply from time to time.

  3. Your new chair seats look fantastic. 🙂

  4. I am late to the party, but your chairs look fabulous. And that big white house in Mayberry is such an Oklahoma oilman’s classic.

  5. Looks fantastic!

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