Home by phone.

Dear friends,

Of late, I’ve been fascinated with the quality and variety of photos that people I know have shot and edited with their phones. A couple of the very ordinary friends I follow on Instagram have posted photos that are anything but. Some of the photos that have regularly appeared in my feed are mini works of art, captured images of objects and moments that surprise and delight me.  It’s a trend that has made me lazy with my expensive DSLR and profligate with cheap and easy phone apps.

In our former home, which I affectionately referred to as Magpie Manor, I spent hours and hours photographing every room of our house.  Despite trying really hard to learn as much as I could about lighting and metering and photo staging, I never got very good at it. Still, I enjoyed the pursuit, especially all the photos I took of our meals and tables, and I treasure the photo archive I’ve amassed (and that I hope my children and grand-childen will someday appreciate and enjoy).

I haven’t really photographed much beyond the food in our new house — mostly because I’ve been lazy. So yesterday, with time on my hands thanks to a rainy afternoon, I grabbed my phone and started snapping. In less than 30 minutes, I had photographed nearly every corner of our house. The photos are heavily edited because I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to app features.  Less may be more in style, but more is more in cheap phone apps.

Thus, I present, my home by phone.


The living room.


A vignette in the entry.

(Longtime reader and friend Maridel will recognize the vintage sign letter. I purchased it in her company. It’s one of my all-time favorite flea-market finds.)


The mantle.


One of a matched pair of ferns by my front door.


The dining room.


An ottoman, a tray, a book.


The den.


A vignette in the kitchen.


My beloved Jadite.


A favorite — the vintage wood cart in the kitchen.


The keeping room.


The back hall.


The mud room.


The bar, aka the pre-Gunsmoke cocktail station.


The master.


My vanity in the bathroom.

(Yeah, it’s cluttered. I like all my most important stuff within reach.)


The angel in my bathroom.

(I know. It’s kinda weird to have an angel in your bathroom. But I find her to be a calming presence during long, hot soaks in the bathtub.)


The turtle in my driveway.

(It’s not weird at all to have a turtle in your driveway. It is, however, unusual to find one undisturbed with two rowdy dogs in the yard.)


The view from my patio door.


Flowers by the patio door.

(Because I can see them from my living room and they make me happy.)

With gratitude {for homey things from Angels to Zigzag rugs that make me happy},

Joan, the photographer formerly known as the Mayberry Magpie, now the Missouri Magpie, with credit to the iPhone 5, Instagram, and Snapseed



  1. I appreciate the guided tour – now I can picture you in my head while reading your adventures. My favorite shot (past the captured vignettes – I do love a vignette or three) might just be of the turtle in your driveway. I can stare for hours at the colors and patterns of their shells.

  2. You have a very beautiful home. Gorgeous photos.:)

  3. What a lovely home that you have! Love the photos.

  4. I remember well when you eye-spied that big red U. Definitely the find of the day. I love the Buddha statuary on your mantel and the pre-Gunsmoke cocktail station — I think Miss Kitty would approve.

  5. Looks wonderful. So glad to have a place to plant you in my minds eye. I miss Mayberry but I am your devoted follower wherever you call home.

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