A bright spot.

Dear friends,

As you know if you read yesterday’s post, there was no TG in my IF this week. In addition to working Thursday and Friday night and all day Saturday, I ran over my dog, which is a sure way to ruin one’s weekend.

Things are looking up for Sunday, though.

I made some yummy banana-nut muffins for breakfast and I have this mouth-watering recipe on tap for our first Sunday Supper since Kate moved home for the summer. (And everybody knows how much I love family suppers!)

And . . . I added a lovely burst of color to our otherwise neutral living room in the form of a new rug and some throw pillows. Take a look:


As you can see, my furniture and my jute rug are all shades of camel. And my walls are white — which makes for a pretty bland room. (I know some would say my neutral palette is “calming” but I’m a person who craves color.) My pottery and art add pops of color, but I wanted something to grab your attention.

Here’s a close-up view:


Isn’t it amazing what a colorful rug and pillows can do for your room?

I’ve selected some bright yellow fabric to sew a slipcover for my ottoman. And I hope to reupholster the sofa in a luxe navy velvet if I ever save enough money.

In the mean time, my pretty new rug perks things up considerably.

And sometimes, a bright spot is all a girl needs.

With gratitude {for a quick fix},

Joan, whose also thrilled to have her favorite grocery shopper back in the house, despite what it means for her snack habits



  1. texasdeb says:

    Pops of color are my favorite way to change up a neutral room seasonally, and I appreciate that your colors are cool which will ease your eyes as summer sunshine begins to flood the room. My daughter took advantage of the break before summer school and is about to complete a beginning sewer’s course. She already made two colorful pillows (with piping and zipper backs!) to brighten the neutral color story going in her own spaces and it makes a huge difference. Her grandmothers were both accomplished sewers – I know they’d be so proud of her.

    I’m so pleased your shopper is home and fingers crossed your 1st Sunday dinner together is everything you expected (which of course it will be because you OWN Sunday dinners). Is it too cheeky to ask if you’ll share your table settings with us? I love the way you dress a table, lady!

  2. Deb — Hooray for your daughter! It’s been 30 years since I put in a zipper and I’ve never done piping. But I’m about to tackle them this summer . . . just as soon as I finish Kate’s quilt. Good for her for learning how to sew. It’s such a satisfying and creatively expressive hobby. And, yes Ma’m will I ever be happy to share my table. It’s practically my favorite thing to do — other than supping with my family.

  3. I love shots of your interiors, Joan-Marie. And your tablescapes. I aspire to be better at composing both!

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