In the nest.

Dear friends,


Kate came home last night. When she and Mr. Mom drove up just as the sun was going down, my shoulders relaxed a little and I couldn’t help but sigh in relief. I gave them both big hugs in the driveway and thought about how lucky any mother is to experience a homecoming of loved ones.

We spent the evening hauling boxes, unpacking, and listening to her funny college stories — all four of us plus her boyfriend, Jake, and her dog, SweetPea, piled on her her bed as if it were a life boat and we might drown if we left her side.

I couldn’t be more content to have her back in my nest for the summer. I hope we’ll make time for all kinds of fun, like watching old episodes of West Wing, going on float trips, participating in our annual girls weekend, making shopping trips to St. Louis, and engaging in any other activity that sparks our mutual interest during the glorious 90 days of summer she’ll spend in Missouri.

Kate’s looking for a seasonal job and enrolling in two summer classes, so her schedule will no doubt be tight. Still, just the opportunity to cook a few of my special “Sunday Suppers” while she’s home will satisfy this hen’s need to fuss over her chicks. Oh, and I hope to finish her quilt so she can go back to school knowing there’s nothing better than a mother’s love in which to wrap oneself tightly.

By the way, we had a fabulous time in Phoenix. Kate’s team lost in the “Round of 16” but they gave the #3 team in the nation a run for their money in a very competitive match. Given the ordeal our girls have been through, I’d say just qualifying for the National Championship was a victory. They only lost one player to graduation, so they’re a young team with a highly promising future.

As you might imagine, I took a ton of photos during our four-day trip.  I won’t bore you with a travelogue, but I will share with you this favorite from the tournament awards banquet:


With gratitude {for my favorite girls, tennis, travel, vacation time with family, and all things summer},

Joan, who would love to hear what you’ve got planned for your summer


  1. texasdeb says:

    Our family all lives/works/goes to school in the same city now so we are fortunate to have the chance to gather occasionally. But. At the end of the summer sessions, before the fall session starts back up, we are hoping to pull off a full family vacation, including both grown kids, and since their school/work schedules rarely align with time off? This may be quite the rare jewel. For all the weeks prior to that? Hanging out, reading, gardening, ignoring that we’re getting all our windows replaced in a few weeks which promises to be A.W.F.U.L.

  2. Not sure what the summer holds, only that it wraps up with a road trip to Kansas for my Aunt Alma’s 100th birthday party, at which I am sure there will be green tomato pie!

  3. I am so happy for you…..and sad for me. This will be my first empty nest summer 😦 Your post is sweet and tugs ever so gently at my soggy heart strings. Enjoy!
    p.s. Congrats on the tennis triumph!

  4. That’s great that you’re all together again. 🙂

    Come to think of it, I don’t have any real summer plans. We’re taking a trip to CA for a family wedding and hopefully spending a lot of time by the water if it ever warms up in Seattle. I’d say we’ll enjoy our yard but with the karaoke neighbors, that doesn’t seem likely.

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