Zoom! Zoom!

Dear friends,

Yesterday, I made two dozen quilt blocks.


You heard me right . . . 24 blocks.

That’s 192 pieces of fabric cut, 168 seams sewn, 672 threads snipped, and too many pins stuck to count. Oh yeah, it’s also two bobbins full of thread depleted. I had a bad case of tunnel vision by the time I finished for the day.

Somehow I ended up a few short, so I’m not quite done. I was in the zone so I really didn’t know how many blocks I had made until my back got tired and I quit around 7:00 pm. Once I laid it all out, I realized I was only five blocks away from the finish line.

Well, five blocks, a border, and a back — along with quilting and binding. Still, it feels good to be this far along.

I’ll be taking a break this week to head to Arizona, but with four more weekends left in May, I have a feeling I’ve got this.

Zoom, zoom!

With gratitude {for the rotary cutter and self-healing mat I bought last month that made today’s production so much easier — all 864 cuts},

Joan, who finds great satisfaction in the math of quilting once she adds it all up


  1. All right, lady! You totally have this. I’ll admit I was taken in by your last post speculating you’d have trouble finishing this quilt by the end of the summer because it now looks as though you’ll have trouble keeping from finishing it all up before Independence Day. So- what next? Coordinating shams and throw pillows? Might as well. You are in the ZONE.

  2. Kate is going to have sweet dreams under all that effort, love and beauty.

  3. siri2siri says:

    I love the quilt blocks and I am impressed w/ you being in the “zone” Good job! cant wait to see the finished product.

  4. Wait till you get into hand quilting. Hours go by while that needle goes in and out of the fabric, just bliss.


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