Zoom! Zoom!

Dear friends,

Yesterday, I made two dozen quilt blocks.


You heard me right . . . 24 blocks.

That’s 192 pieces of fabric cut, 168 seams sewn, 672 threads snipped, and too many pins stuck to count. Oh yeah, it’s also two bobbins full of thread depleted. I had a bad case of tunnel vision by the time I finished for the day.

Somehow I ended up a few short, so I’m not quite done. I was in the zone so I really didn’t know how many blocks I had made until my back got tired and I quit around 7:00 pm. Once I laid it all out, I realized I was only five blocks away from the finish line.

Well, five blocks, a border, and a back — along with quilting and binding. Still, it feels good to be this far along.

I’ll be taking a break this week to head to Arizona, but with four more weekends left in May, I have a feeling I’ve got this.

Zoom, zoom!

With gratitude {for the rotary cutter and self-healing mat I bought last month that made today’s production so much easier — all 864 cuts},

Joan, who finds great satisfaction in the math of quilting once she adds it all up