A Saturday meditation.

Dear friends,

breathe in

I’ll be doing my job today. And maybe some quilting. And reading. And dreaming. Topped off with a dinner out with Mr. Mom.

What more does one need on a rainy spring Saturday?


With gratitude {for weekend meditations},

Joan, who as the former Mayberry Magpie is still stuck on bird motifs, so she added one here and plans to make a paper flock very soon for flight to friends everywhere

PS: PicMonkey is my new favorite photo editing software. If you’re no pro with Photoshop and are looking for something easy to use, give it a try here.


  1. Sounds like a blissful day 🙂

  2. I’m headed to the St. Paul Methodist Pancake Breakfast to bus tables. I’ll be inhaling the iconic aroma of bubbling batter and old lineoleum.

  3. texasdeb says:

    Hub is heading south for a several days long fishing trip. Daughter-back-in-residence has just finished her first full (stellar) year of an undergrad art degree (already has one in Anthro). Not insignificantly, the local oak trees are finished with this year’s attempt to poison me through my nose via coating my world with pollen. And!? It is still relatively cool outside, which isn’t anything we can count on in Central Texas in May. Life can be so good…not taking any of it for granted, like you I’ve got the “ENJOY” dial turned up all the way to 11.

  4. Juanita says:

    Always good to read your blog and pretend I have dropped by for a visit.

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