A totally gratuitous photo op with no point whatsoever except to please me.

Dear friends,

There is no point to this post.

Except I tripped across this old photo and the mother in me swooned.


I had no choice except to post the photo here. As large as possible. I already posted it as large as possible on Facebook and so — in the immortal words of my favorite officer and gentleman — I ain’t got nowhere else to go!

Yes, that’s my boy. At age three with a very cute dog.

Here’s him at age 17 with a very cute dog.


Lawzy, that boy loves his dogs.

And oh how his mother loves her boy.

With gratitude {for the magic of old photos},

Joan, who promises to return you to regular programming and to avoid further gratuitous photos of her children

. . . until she can’t any longer.

Late Breaking News: Here’s how long it lasted — 12 hours. Parker posted this photo of him and Lily Pad on Instagram and I couldn’t resist copying it here. A boy and his dog . . . an endlessly explorable photographic topic.





  1. texasdeb says:

    Oh for pity’s sake. When your boy (and his dogs) are as adorable as yours? No need to apologize or explain away either one. These photos cry out for sharing and your Momma Love Response to them will put a smile on any/every face who observes same. However you celebrate, (and no matter if you don’t) have a lovely weekend.

  2. Whatever. The point of social media is to allow mothers a platform to post photos of their children for the sole purpose of eliciting, “My GOD, your children are SO CUTE!” comments from other people.

    Okay, so maybe that’s not the point, but I’m totally down with it. And totally do it myself.

    P.S. My GOD, that child was SO CUTE!

  3. Thank you for saying it Kristin. Now you know why I swoon over your photos of Cubby. I vicariously relive those moments of having the most adorable boy in the whole world in my home.

  4. My boy was home for the weekend…..
    Another happy mom and her boy 🙂

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