A totally gratuitous photo op with no point whatsoever except to please me.

Dear friends,

There is no point to this post.

Except I tripped across this old photo and the mother in me swooned.


I had no choice except to post the photo here. As large as possible. I already posted it as large as possible on Facebook and so — in the immortal words of my favorite officer and gentleman — I ain’t got nowhere else to go!

Yes, that’s my boy. At age three with a very cute dog.

Here’s him at age 17 with a very cute dog.


Lawzy, that boy loves his dogs.

And oh how his mother loves her boy.

With gratitude {for the magic of old photos},

Joan, who promises to return you to regular programming and to avoid further gratuitous photos of her children

. . . until she can’t any longer.

Late Breaking News: Here’s how long it lasted — 12 hours. Parker posted this photo of him and Lily Pad on Instagram and I couldn’t resist copying it here. A boy and his dog . . . an endlessly explorable photographic topic.