Dear friends,


You know what I love in January?

I love a national holiday that gives me a Monday off.

I love easy craft projects like Valentine’s pennant banners strung with heart-shaped twinkly lights.

I love afternoon naps under wool blankets when it’s 20 degrees outside.

I love being home all day with my boys.

I love chicken thighs cooked in wine and butter and then braised for several hours with mushrooms and leeks and brussel sprouts for supper.

And, I love a workweek that’s 20% complete before it ever begins.

With gratitude {for all of these things on a bright January day},

Joan, who can’t seem to reconcile her love for homespun pennant banners with her modern house and has given up trying


  1. I’ve yet to clear the Inauguration candles, but after those recede into the background today they’ll be replaced by pops of red, lanterns, and other fortuitous touches in preparation for the Chinese New Year’s/Spring Festival, which falls on 2/10-11 (Happy Year of the Snake, early!). Shifting everything over to Valentine’s will be cinchy past that. Snakes followed by hearts – that’s more the way we roll.

  2. I having been meaning to catch up with you….life certainly has a way of getting “away” from me. I was in my daughter’s room, readying it for college kids to spend the weekend and I came across that Valentine you sent me some years back. She has it hanging in a place of honor over her desk, right next to her altar and vision boards….miss you

  3. Ah, Kathleen, so sweet! Thank you.

  4. Thanks a ton for spending some time to publish “Love.

    | Debt of Gratitude”. Thanks a ton again -Nicki


  1. […] the mean time, I’ve been re-styling my buffet and mirror from a Valentine’s vortex to an Easter epiphany. Here’s a wreath I made after seeing a similar one on […]

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