Abundant blessings.

Dear friends,

Not what we say about our blessings but how we use them is the true measure of our thanksgiving.

— W.T. Purksier

My heart is full this Thanksgiving, brimming with gratitude for our abundant blessings.  Our table is full and our bounty is evident.  A house full of guests, love for each other, good health, a delicious meal shared in safety and comfort . . . peace . . . these are the jewels of this day I dare not take for granted. May we use these blessings, in measures large and small, that reflect a glad and generous heart.

And I wish you, dear friends, abundant blessings.  Drop in sometime this holiday weekend, won’t you, and leave me a comment letting me know how you’re spending your Thanksgiving?  Power eating . . . football cheering . . . napping . . . traveling over hill and dale to see loved ones . . . whatever your activity, I wish you good cheer and godspeed.

I’ll be here on our beautiful Missouri acreage, happily humming ‘round the kitchen, delivering stealth hugs and kisses to any child within arm’s reach, and steeping in the life God has granted me.

With gratitude {for abundant blessings},

Joan, who’s got 13 tasks on her Thanksgiving to-do list today and has already completed three of them while the six other souls in her home sleep soundly


  1. Beautifully written, Joan. I know you are having a wonderful time with a house full of young adults and preparing meals for them. I, too, am so blessed. We are in Farmington with Valerie and her family and waiting on the arrival of Olivia and enjoying the Thanksgiving Day parade though the eyes of two-year old Ethan. Also grateful for a wonderful son and future daughter-in-law for going to our home and preparing dinner for my Mom. They gave up being with her family so Mom would not be by herself in the assisted living center. My heart overflows with love and appreciation for Chris and Beth. This is the first time in many, many years that I have not prepared a holiday meal for our family and for that I am so thankful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family which includes many this year. Those young ladies with always be so grateful to have a wonderful experience of family, food and celebration when they are so far away from home.

  2. It is/was a small, staying put type of gathering. Just the 4 of us this year, actually celebrating turkey day on Thanksgiving, no work schedules interfering. I did all the cooking while our eldest (a chef) was grateful for a table filled with comfort foods that he was not responsible for preparing. Our youngest was grateful for major projects near completion relating to her art studies, and my husband and I were grateful for each other, our warm home, our great kids, and a peaceful celebration scaled just right for introverts.

    Oh, and pie. We were and are really truly grateful for pie. Yay pie!


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