Best if eaten within 7 days.

Dear friends,

I have a friend who doesn’t eat leftovers. Ever. And her definition of leftover is any food that is more than about 20 minutes old. (Am I right, Sandy?)

My family? My family eats leftovers all the time, where family equals me and Mr. Mom and all the time equals FOREVER for Mr. Mom and FOR SEVEN DAYS for me. If you ask Mr. Mom, there’s no expiration date as long as the food in question still smells okay.

Do you have any idea how long it takes for food to start smelling bad?

Yesterday I was driving home for lunch and I called Mr. Mom to ask “Anything in the frig I can eat for lunch?”

“Um . . . sure,” he said. “I just ate some old mashed potatoes, but they were okay. And I ate some sauteed mushrooms that I don’t even know how old they were. I’m sure I can find something for you to eat.”

How appetizing, I thought.

As it turned out, I found some tuna salad that I made on Sunday, four days prior. It was fine and there was enough to make a sandwich.

But while I was eating, I remembered the exact date I made those mashed potatoes that Mr. Mom had just consumed. It was October 27. How do I know this? Because my mind just works that way.

(Actually, here is the way it works: I knew I had cooked the mashed potatoes and since I only cook on weekends, and since I didn’t cook the mashed potatoes last weekend, it had to be two weekends ago, during which I made Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes for supper on Sunday, Oct. 27.)

The mushrooms? Three weekends ago (Sunday, October 21).

I know. All I can say in Mr. Mom’s defense is that he has never once gotten sick eating leftovers. Apparently the nose knows.

By the way, that photo above? We ate that last night. It’s Pizza Nachos featured on Tasty Kitchen on November 5. One thing I love about Mr. Mom (besides the fact that he is a human garbage disposal) is that he takes dinner orders. The day I saw this I sent it to him and Presto-Bravo, two days later, we had it for dinner! In case you’re curious, I highly recommend it. Crunchy like nachos, tastes like pizza, easy to make — it’s yumily. (Yumily is my new word for a greater degree of yummy.)

Anyway, there were no leftovers. Mr. Mom made two skillets full. He and I shared one and Parker ate the other. So we won’t be having that for lunch tomorrow.

Or dinner 23 days from now.

With gratitude {for a man who makes cleaning out the frig a chore I hardly ever have to tackle},

Joan, who prefers her friend Caroline’s term, encore meal, rather than leftovers



  1. I have a friend who won’t allow leftovers to stay in her refrigerator past 3 days. (She also won’t fix fish at home due to the smell. She runs a tight ship.) I on the other hand, have been accused of running low-level bacterial research in closed containers. Nobody has ever gotten sick here (so far, knock on mold) and I try not to push the limits but I really truly have a hard time throwing out “perfectly good food”. It just goes against the grain. Yay for Mr. Mom!

  2. Darcy doesn’t eat leftovers unless it’s lasagna. I subsequently eat a LOT of leftovers.

  3. A little exposure to bacteria is a good thing. Keeps your intestines from getting too prissy.

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