Happy, happy. Tingly, tingly.

Dear friends,

I’m currently counting down the days until October 17, which is the evening Kate will arrive home from college for Fall Break.

Besides the fact that I can’t wait to see CupKate again, Fall Break is my absolute favorite (quasi-)holiday. Mr. Mom and I were married on Fall Break in 1991. That’s right, we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary next week. And Parker turns 17 a couple of days later. So between Kate coming home, an anniversary to celebrate, and a birthday that allows me to spoil my favorite teenage boy, I’ve got a lot to look forward to. Oh, and did I mention I’m taking two days off so I can really soak it up?

First though, I’ve got a bit of work to do. It’s one of those weeks around my office . . . you know, a week that involves three consecutive dinner events, a 7:00 am business breakfast, and a 14-hour work day on Saturday. So if you don’t hear from me much, don’t worry.  By Sunday, I’ll be collapsed on the sofa, tired but smiling as Fall Break approaches.

With gratitude {for that happy-tingly sensation I get every autumn as family celebrations roll around},

Joan, who spent an enjoyable hour on Sunday decorating her mantle with autumn/Halloween items as a “welcome home” for Kate who, according to Twitter, seems to be as anxious as her mother for Fall Break to get here already



  1. You do have a way with the Mantle Moments lady. I adore that black cat – it strikes the perfect note between the simplicity of the gourds and that noble stag. My own decorating has taken on a more local Dia de los Muertos flavor. Imagine what you’ve got going only amp the macabre element up by a pumpkin-full. When in Rome…(or in my case, Texas). Happy holidays and wonderful celebrations all be yours. We’ll be here when you’re ready to post again.

  2. My wife would decorate for any and every occasion, real or imagined . D&H

  3. I love your mantle tableau. It’s like a collage!

  4. So much fun to look forward to. I think you told me already but when is your anniversary? I think it’s very near or on what will be mine? Glad I could pick such a worthy time of year to get wed. Enjoy all the family and celebrating!

  5. Sizz — it’s October 19. We got married on my mother’s 65th birthday and four years later, we had our son within a few days of that date. October has been a fun time ever since, though I miss Mom terribly.

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