Down and out.

Dear friends,

I’m in bed on Monday evening as I write this . . . with about a 30-minute-or-less window before I pass out thanks to the muscle relaxer I just swallowed in hopes it will allow me to stand up straight again.

Seems I’ve thrown out my back.

It started bothering me Saturday night as I was cleaning up after a dinner party. I was fine on Sunday, but then my back completely seized up Monday morning as I got out of my car to walk to my office.

I spent the entire day moving very, very slowly, walking with a Tim-Conway shuffle, grimacing every time I moved an inch. I would have gone home and given into the relief of Flexeril much earlier, but it was one of those days with back-to-back meetings I couldn’t reschedule.

In recent months, two of my colleagues have suffered from back pain, during which I noted that I used to have problems throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. (It all started when I was 17 and a freak accident, otherwise known as horseplay, put me in traction for a week.) My problems lingered on and off until I started exercising regularly in my mid-30s. “Ever since I’ve been fit, I’ve been fine,” I bragged to my coworkers. “It’s only when I was out of shape that I suffered,” I said, just tempting Fate to knock me down a rung.

So I’m down, Fate. Hear me? I’ve not only been terribly inactive, I’ve been a braggart. I’ve seen the error of my ways and I repent. I’ll mend my ways, Fate, I promise.

Just as soon as I can get out of bed.

With gratitude {for temporary pharmaceutical relief and a husband-courier who delivered sustenance to my bedside right before I drifted into La-La Land},

Joan, who will never forget her stay in traction because on her second night in the hospital, Howard Cosell interrupted his Monday Night Football coverage to announce John Lennon had been shot to death, thereby crushing forever her dream to see the Beatles perform live



  1. Nighty night Joanie……..

  2. Oh, Joan! So sorry to hear this. I’ve had similar issues for years, and keep my back functional via a combination of exercise and chiropractic. Hope you’re up ad running soon!

  3. Mr. Mom has loads of caretaking chops. Now he gets to show them off to/for you a bit. Both of you enjoy that. Doctor’s Wife’s orders!

    I managed a neurosurgical practice for nearly 2 decades and learned this much: The vast majority of back issues resolve with time and TLC. You be sure to give yourself plenty of both and I know you’ll be up and around sooner rather than later. Onwards!

  4. My back has been cranky too. I blame it on not getting to yoga for a couple of weeks. That and hunching over my laptop. Normally I am Sergeant Solid Spine. Hope you are feeling more upright today. P.S. I was walking to my job at Radio City Music Hall when I heard that John Lennon had been shot the night before. I remember standing on a Sixth Ave. street corner in a sea of pedestrians waiting for the light to turn. Every conversation around me was about his death.

  5. I hope you feel better! That sounds really painful and frustrating.

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