Hello, lovely.

Dear friends,

I walked out of my office yesterday and saw a most amazing thing.

A young man on a skate board zoomed past me — so close I could have touched him — and as he approached a park bench, he jumped on the bench and ran the length of it as his skateboard continued to roll beside him, then he jumped off the bench, landed on his skateboard precisely at the moment it passed him, and continued to skate across the plaza in front of my office.

I stopped and thought, wow, that’s a pretty neat trick. And then I realized I’ve seen a few skateboard tricks in my life (I’ve got a teenage son, you know, and MTV and YouTube fills our lives) and yet I’d never seen that particular one.

“That was awesome!” I said to the young man as he turned his board and headed back toward me and the bench.

‘Thanks,” he said modestly. “That was the first time I ever did it, actually.”

“Can I film you?” I asked him. “My son would love to see that.”

“Uh, sure . . .” he said, as he looked sheepishly at his friend standing nearby. The friend looked at me and said “I can’t do it. He’s better than me.”

So I pulled out my iPhone, turned on my camera, and the kid gave it another try but failed to land it. He tried three more times and failed to land it.

“Oh, well” I said. “It was a great trick and I saw it. And I’ll tell my son about it and he’ll think it’s cool,” I said as I turned to walk away. “Thanks and good luck!”

And as I walked to a meeting, I thought about those tiny sparkling moments in our lives, sublime and ephemeral, that pass in and out of our days without fanfare. It might be the moment you kiss your son as he heads out the door, or the moment your colleague brings you a cup of coffee, or the moment you pick a lovely bloom from your garden, or the moment you wave to your neighbor as he walks his dog.

Or the moment you see a kid surprise himself and you on an ordinary afternoon in an ordinary place and take note of the extraordinary.

It’s a moment that delights you and fills your heart if you let it . . . if you give the moment a hello, and a wink, and a nod.

With gratitude {for life’s lovely/surprising/cool-if-you-take-notice moments},

Joan, whose only tricks are in the kitchen, but admits they are some pretty good ones