One of those days.

Dear friends,

It’s one of those days, baby, where the entire world is sweet and bright and happy.

We’ve had a long morning rain, which all the creatures around our place needed so. It’s just a bit chilly, which practically makes me sing September. My boys are in the next room watching football and talking about plans great and small and the sound of their voices tumbling toward me is music to my ears.

And me? I’m sitting on the sofa with a blanket over my feet, a cup of coffee and a cat snuggled close by, and a view of the scenic Missouri hills stretched out beyond my toes.

I spent the morning constructing a simple reminder of my mantra, seven letters glued to burlap patches, strung by twine and ribbon, and stretched across a mirror to reflect gratitude throughout our home. It’s a one-word poem in tribute to the season of thankfulness otherwise known as autumn.

Join me (won’t you?) in the moment, in the reflection, in the acclamation of a day made for no more or no less than the fullness of our hearts.

With gratitude {for the first in a long season of perfect fall days},

Joan, who saw a similar banner on Etsy for $25 and thought “Psssshaw, I can make that” and promptly did for about two bucks

PS: For many years, my dining room buffet has been the center of my expressions of seasonal decor. It usually starts with twinkly lights and extends from there to a large stash of holiday tchotchkes. I wasn’t quite ready for the explosion of pumpkins and fall leaves I usually pull out after Labor Day, so I went with a muted, faded summer look. Here’s an unedited photo if you’re curious to see the entire tableau.


  1. Lovely 🙂 I have a long chest of draws in my hallway that gets all seasonal, that and the kitchen window sill 🙂 you could so sell those. Wedding banners with bride and grooms name, different sayings like love or peace, joy or all three 🙂

  2. And’s that just one of the differences that draws me to you. I’d see that banner on Etsy, think “I could make that!” but then I’d go lie down until the feeling passed.

    I am a color – MORE color! – gal for the most part but something in your assemblage of whites and cream tones is really capturing my imagination here. So soothing and so warm simultaneously. Just right for these days of ever changing light. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I can picture those Missouri hills stretched out beyond your toes. I just returned from the foothills of the Rockies, fired-scarred but covered with late-season wildflowers. GRATITUDE!

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