The Mountain. {An unexpected update.}

Dear friends,

The judge ruled yesterday on our motion to reconsider his dismissal of our condemnation hearing and the summary judgment against us.

The ruling was not in our favor.

No surprise. What was surprising is that the judge only took 27 days to respond when he had 63. First time we’ve ever gotten a quick decision out of this district court.

So now we file an appeal with the appellate court. We have some time to do this — 45 days I think. (I’m not certain and I’m too lazy to ask Mr. Mom.)

You know what’s interesting? I had absolutely no reaction to the news. Mr. Mom told me and I was kinda like “Huh.” Honestly, I think that’s a very good sign.

Upon reflection, I have decided that writing about the mountain all spring and summer — at the same time I was preparing for Kate to go to college — wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I thought writing about the mountain would be cathartic, but it wasn’t. In many ways, it just amplified my frustration. Combine that with coming to terms with my oldest child leaving home, and I realize now I set myself up for an emotionally taxing summer.

Despite that one-two punch, I’ve been feeling pretty terrific lately. Work has been going well, I’m settling into the parent-of-a-college-aged-child routine, and I feel like the old spring is back in my step. I didn’t even stumble over this latest disappointment from Colorado.

Mr. Mom, of course, is working every angle. He and our attorney, Matt O’Malley, have devised a strategy that is not dependent on the outcome of the appeal and he’s spent countless hours on the phone and email researching details and lining up the players. I’d tell you about it, but it’s exceedingly complicated and I have absolutely no appetite left for this story — other than a quick update, of course.  If we prevail, however, I’ll be happy to share the details in a big triumph-of-an-ending.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep on keeping on. Which means — you know — counting my blessings.

With gratitude {for — in no particular order — autumn, Friday, a clean house, and a chance of rain},

Joan, who, if it rains, suggests it will pour baked goods all over her kitchen (stay tuned!)