Cover girl.

Dear friends,

I’ve been away for a couple of days at a retreat with my colleagues. Those sorts of things are always exhausting, especially when you’re in charge. (Energizing the troops takes thought. And, um, energy.)

Anyway, I got home last night after two days away and felt like I’d been gone for a week. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was that Kate is packed. There were boxes lining my hallway with her hand-written labels, such as “Kitchen stuff” and “Laundry Supplies.”


My daughter is really leaving me, it seems. In seven days.

I promise to hold it together until then, but when I come back from dropping her off at college, you might need to indulge me for a moment. Or a year.

Anyway, the other thing I noticed right away is that she picked up her senior yearbook while I was away. And guess who made the cover?

Yep, that’s my little CupKate front and center. I can’t tell you how sweet it seems (to both of us) that she was the new girl in a high school of a thousand students and she made the cover of the yearbook,  prominently located no less. Kinda takes the edge off the trauma (drama?) of moving a year ago just as she was about to start her senior year.

A lot has happened in the last year. Some bad (re: the mountain), some good (re: every single day of my family’s love and support as we’ve built a new life together in our new town).

With gratitude {for all of it, absolutely all of it},

Joan, who is certain there’s a “Tracy Flick” in Kate’s school who is seething right this minute over the injustice of the new girl making the cover of the yearbook (bonus points to any reader who can name that movie starring Reese Witherspoon)

PS: If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ve no doubt noticed Sizzle is, too. We’ve been bloggy friends for years. She got some bad news this week and my heart is aching for her. Won’t you take a moment to head over to her blog and wish her some love and peace? I said not long ago that the world can seem like a big and scary place, but not when we all stick together. Thanks, friends.


  1. “Election.” Second only to Ferris Buller in the Canon of Great Adolescent Reveries.

    • Dang it, Maridel! You are fast, the Bonus Points Queen. Not only do I know that reference well, “Election” is one of our favorite dark comedies. The keening war cries as backdrop to several scenes never fails to crack me up.

  2. Make that Bueller.

  3. Great photo of Kate and awesome that she was on the cover. You will survive the event of Kate going off to school. Some of the sadness will vanish when you have to climb up and down flights of stairs in 110+ degrees to move her and all those boxes into the dorm! Good luck to Kate and you.

  4. OK, first things first. I dropped by Sizzle’s blog and left words of support. Wow. Real perspective shaker. Thanks for the heads up.

    CupKate’s cover! How amazing a keepsake is that!?! Looking at her? I see why she is front and center. That girl has never taken a bad photograph. The camera loooooves her.

    And as to indulging you, well lady, you take as long as you need to process through all it means to have your eldest launching into the larger world. I will suggest keeping a close eye on Kate as you help her move in. Each kid has their own pop-up timer as to when it is TIME ALREADY for Mom/Dad to leave. Watching for that (as opposed to getting overly engaged in swapping stories about when you first went away to school etc, not that I’d ever do that, sniff!) does a lot of heavy lifting towards putting that first separation attempt squarely into the win column.

  5. What a great photo! How awesome for her to be on the cover.

    Even though I am not a mom, I can imagine how hard it is to have your child leave home. I’m so sorry you have to go through that even though it’s all a part of life and growing and knowing you did a good job raising such a fantastic daughter. My heart goes out to you.

    Thank you for the kind words on my situation too. xo

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