All stocked up.

Dear friends,

A few of the items CupKate chose for college.

We conquered the shopping list yesterday.

Kate chose a green and black color scheme for her college apartment. (Not a big surprise — it’s her school’s colors.)

Bedding, rugs, lamps, dishes, cutlery, school supplies . . . we picked up most of what she’ll need, minus a few basics that she can steal from my household surplus and a couple of unknowns that we can shop for when we arrive and get the lay of the land.

Kate’s roommate is an international student, so we are assuming the young woman will be packing lightly. We figure if we show up with an unneeded microwave or set of towels, Mr. Mom and I can always bring home any extras. We’ve been told Kate will be sharing a one-bedroom apartment with bunk beds and she’s praying her roomie will take the top bunk.

In the mean time, we’re sorting and packing and checking our lists.

And I’m keeping a stiff upper lip. So far, so good . . . but I’m not making any promises as we check off the days.

With gratitude {for our many friends whose gift cards significantly lightened our load today},

Joan, who has shown considerable restraint by waiting until now to mention there’s 18 days left until Kate becomes a co-ed



  1. The room games have officially begun. Does Kate have email or contact information for her new roommate? What’s her philosophy on bed choices? Will she abide by first arrival gets bunk dibs? Will she play hostess and offer her international roomie first choice?

    An international student! Sounds like you’ll be setting an extra place at your table for various holidays that aren’t associated with breaks major enough to justify international travel. Fun for everybody….

  2. Deb — Kate is the only American on her team. She doesn’t yet have contact information for the girl. The coach told Kate her name, but Kate couldn’t even remember it. (I suspect she’s eastern European as most of the team is.) The whole team will live together in a series of apartments that are adjacent to each other, if I understand it correctly. I think there’s the potential for a very symbiotic relationship here. Kate has a car and will be mobile. (I suspect the rest of the team will not.) Kate is very nurturing and she can help the girls assimilate into American culture. On the other hand, these girls are exceptional players and will elevate Kate’s game. And, I’ve been told the ladies tennis team has the highest GPA among student-athletes, so perhaps they can be study buddies for Kate and help her with her academic transition. Good all the way around from my point of view.

  3. How far a drive will she be again. It can be made in one day right? I hope the answer is yes. As a mother looking down the same road a few miles back I am in complete and utter denial. I told Eldest today that being an electrician sounded like a good idea for her. She could do her apprenticeship here in our hometown. Despite her being the top academic student in her grade of 800… sadly I was not really joking.

  4. Dana — I’m laughing out loud because I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I suggested Kate could be a hair stylist (and I could be the salon owner in our small town) and she could be a pastry chef (and I could be the bakery owner). Right now, she thinks she wants to be a tennis coach (I haven’t yet figured out how to marshal the resources to open a tennis academy), but I realize many students figure out different paths in their first two years of college. So I’m holding on for the ride. PS: She has a six-hour drive. She’s convinced she won’t come home until Christmas the first semester because of tennis demands. I’m holding out for a different conclusion. It’s either that, or Mr. Mom and I will be spending a few weekends this fall in a college town.

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