All stocked up.

Dear friends,

A few of the items CupKate chose for college.

We conquered the shopping list yesterday.

Kate chose a green and black color scheme for her college apartment. (Not a big surprise — it’s her school’s colors.)

Bedding, rugs, lamps, dishes, cutlery, school supplies . . . we picked up most of what she’ll need, minus a few basics that she can steal from my household surplus and a couple of unknowns that we can shop for when we arrive and get the lay of the land.

Kate’s roommate is an international student, so we are assuming the young woman will be packing lightly. We figure if we show up with an unneeded microwave or set of towels, Mr. Mom and I can always bring home any extras. We’ve been told Kate will be sharing a one-bedroom apartment with bunk beds and she’s praying her roomie will take the top bunk.

In the mean time, we’re sorting and packing and checking our lists.

And I’m keeping a stiff upper lip. So far, so good . . . but I’m not making any promises as we check off the days.

With gratitude {for our many friends whose gift cards significantly lightened our load today},

Joan, who has shown considerable restraint by waiting until now to mention there’s 18 days left until Kate becomes a co-ed