Whatever it takes.

Dear friends,

Mr. Mom and Kate and I were having lunch yesterday (we were out test driving more cars!) when Kate just happened to bring up the topic of her quest to get fit.

She’s known all summer that college tennis would be a step up for her. And she’s been working out regularly. But she got an email from her college coach this week telling her to report for duty on August 9 and to “come back fit,” and there’s nothing like a direct order from your coach to light a fire under your tail. Suddenly, she’s worried her cardio isn’t up to snuff.

Mr. Mom responded that she ought to interval train and suggested a running regimen that he I and used years ago with great results. Kate actually acted interested for the first time ever (her father has only been giving her fitness advice her whole life) and even asked “What time does the sun come up?”

Let me just say . . . any mother worth her salt knows that’s an open door if ever she saw one.

Joan: 6:00 am. Actually a little before that. Hey, I have a great idea! How about if I get up and interval train with you? It’s a little tricky the first time you do it, so you might appreciate having a partner who’s done it before.

Kate: Um . . .

Joan: Really, Kate. This would be great for me, too. I haven’t been running and interval training would be a great way to help me get back on track. It’ll be good for both of us and we won’t have to do it alone.

Kate: Um . . . I guess that would be fine.

Joan: So it’s a deal! We’re getting up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning to run! This is great! I’m excited!

I know . . . it’s tragic. Only a desperate mother whose daughter is leaving in three weeks would be excited about getting up at 6:00 am in July to interval train. But, hey, whatever it takes, you know?

With gratitude {for 21 more days},

Joan, who has only one word for you after this morning’s training: oy!



  1. I’m impressed by a lot in this post. That you’d rise and shine right along with old Sol (great photo – I kind of can’t keep my eyes off it), that you’d offer to work out with Kate to spend more time with her. But what really dents the can this go-round is that you are able to throw in on this activity without there being any Mom spoilage issues. Mom spoilage being that special dampening effect that immediately splashes all over anything a kid is eager to try at the point when Mom gets a little too involved with praise/encouragement or in this case, actual participation. The phenomenon as witnessed in our own family circus is the entirely predictable friendly fire victim of years of using reverse psychology on my kids I guess. At any rate, run on, ladies….run on…..

  2. Juanita says:

    Mr. Price used to give me first hour conference because he knew I am not really awake until 10 AM. Had my days and nights mixed up from the day I was born. Don’t know what sunrise is but I am going strong at midnight.

  3. Maridel says:


  4. I’m impressed! Not about the running/training stuff. I already knew that you could do that. I was impressed that you worked the work OY into your post. Oy Vey is an exclamation that just isn’t used enough, today. It works much better than the normally used explatives.

  5. Ray, I love an under-appreciated word more than almost anything. I rarely use the full oy vey, though. Probably because I’m an Okie and I can make oy sound like three syllables.

  6. ElizSeg says:

    In addition to running with you, challenging spin classes are a quick way to elevate fitness in a limited time frame. You have to go consistently but the results are pretty rapid. Oy Vey! My tuches hurts just thinking about it!!!

    Good luck to Kate and her sweet, supportive mama. I remember the weeks before Caitlin left for college and how I savored that time. Enjoy!

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