Dear friends,

I didn’t intend to be away for four days. But somehow it happened.

Anyhoo . . . things are fine if a little hectic this week with busy work projects, overnight guests and a short business trip.

I had a handful of thoughts about things I wanted to tell you — some happy, some not. In the end, I failed to make time to write them up for you.

Still, I wanted to share this with you even though it’s late Thursday night and I’m awake far past my bedtime in a depressing airport hotel:

There were a multitude of times this week — when I heard wonderful news from a friend and when I heard sad, when I tackled a very big, very pernicious problem and left a meeting not sure if I made any progress, when I heard the sweetest compliment in a long time, and when I grumbled with irritation at my kids — I found myself saying a silent thank-you for the simple blessings of this life (where simple equals conversation with Mr. Mom, a good supper, blooming flowers, a friend’s phone call, an act by kind neighbors — you know, the good stuff in life.)

I might not have been here to tell you about it, but I noticed it all and I thanked my lucky stars. It makes a difference, you know, to indulge in an appreciative reverie whether the moment is a high note or a low one. There were plenty of both this week, but offering a word of gratitude to the universe either way made each new morning seem more good than not.

Give it a try. Let me know what you find. Consider me your gratitude ombudsman.

With gratitude {for guys like RWE whose eloquence far outstrips my modest efforts but who inspire me to try},

Joan, who even though she found the Marriott depressing found their bed comfortable so she called it all good



  1. I was wondering what was keeping you away from your daily postings. Glad you are ok and doing well. Have a great weekend.

  2. Finally had a chance to sit down and catch up with some of my favourite blogs. Thank you for writing Joan, I look forward to the weaving of your words and wish you a wonderful weekend!

  3. I think you’ve just bottom lined the rationale and the technique required of gratitude in one fell swoop. You find that element of acceptable, whatever that is, and call it. All good.

    Simple to do but not always (ever?) easy. I hope you all have a lovely weekend with some bit of unexpected whimsy and delight thrown in for good measure.

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