It’s a beautiful day in New York.

Dear friends,

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting in a Starbucks window seat on the Upper West Side drinking my latte and watching the world walk by (so very “You’ve Got Mail”).

It’s a beautiful day in New York City.

Over the last four days, my responsibilities and anxieties have melted away and all that remains is one fabulous, monumentally memorable mother-daughter trip.

I’m relaxed. I’m happy. My heart is full with gratitude for the gift of this time with Kate. I’m guessing it won’t surprise you to hear that I have very nearly burst into tears a million times — so many things have moved me these last few days. Even as I type this and look out the window while waiting on Kate to fill her coffee order, I am overflowing with joy.

There is beauty everywhere.

We’re off now — to soak up one last day in the city. Truth is, though, we could be anywhere. Mostly I am off to soak up one more glorious day of memories with my sweet child.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Saturday, too!

With gratitude {for all the love and beauty in this world},

Joan, who is convinced travel is a fool-proof tonic for the soul


  1. Sounds fabulous and just what you have needed. Enjoy all the memories you are making with Kate.

  2. Just what the Doctor(‘s wife) ordered! I’m so glad you are having a wonder filled trip together and thank you for taking a moment out to share with us the love and beauty you are re-discovering along the way.

  3. Maridel says:

    Thank you for sending me the photo of the Mondrian at MOMA. When I lived in New York in the early 80s, MOMA was still the home of Picasso’s “Guernica.” I won’t forget the first time I saw it. I came up a stairwell, rounded a corner into a gallery and BAM……GUERNICA covering a wall. Now I think it’s behind bullet-proof glass in the Prado and you can’t get near it.

  4. Maridel — I worship Klimt, and I felt the same way about seeing The Park at MOMA. It totally snuck up on me and I actually got teary standing there and seeing a Klimt in person. Can you imagine what it would feel like to know your work moved people to tears?

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