Mr. Mom’s Day.

Dear friends,

In case you’re wondering where my children’s gigantic eyes came from, now you know. They’re Mr. Mom’s.

Forgive me if I point out he was adorable. He still is adorable, except when he torments me with his bed-making hijinks.

Look at that sweeeepy li’l bub. Makes me want to hug him. Is there anything cuter than a bub that falls asleep standing up? He fell asleep draped over a chair and ottoman the other night. It was still pretty cute even though he’s a not a li’l bub anymore. He’s a very big bub.

Okay . . . well, that’s just awkward. Despite his ’70s “groovy” phase, though, I still love him.

Happy Mr. Mom’s Day, Mr. Mom!

We think you’re still pretty groovy!

With gratitude {for the li’l bub that became my best bub},

Joan, who thinks the world would be better off if there were more Mr. Moms to celebrate Mr. Mom’s day



  1. Here’s to all our bubs who grew to be hubs! Happy Father’s Day to daddies everywhere (including those guys who may not be biologic dads but still can be counted upon when it is time for fathering…).

  2. The groovy photo is out of sight awesome. 🙂

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