Mr. Mom’s Day.

Dear friends,

In case you’re wondering where my children’s gigantic eyes came from, now you know. They’re Mr. Mom’s.

Forgive me if I point out he was adorable. He still is adorable, except when he torments me with his bed-making hijinks.

Look at that sweeeepy li’l bub. Makes me want to hug him. Is there anything cuter than a bub that falls asleep standing up? He fell asleep draped over a chair and ottoman the other night. It was still pretty cute even though he’s a not a li’l bub anymore. He’s a very big bub.

Okay . . . well, that’s just awkward. Despite his ’70s “groovy” phase, though, I still love him.

Happy Mr. Mom’s Day, Mr. Mom!

We think you’re still pretty groovy!

With gratitude {for the li’l bub that became my best bub},

Joan, who thinks the world would be better off if there were more Mr. Moms to celebrate Mr. Mom’s day