Saturday night sizzle.

Dear friends,

Saturday was make-your-own-pizza night at our house.

It started out great. My table was summery.

My ingredients were all prepped: three kinds of cheese, two kinds of meat, and four kinds of veggies (including caramelized onions, yum!).

But things went downhill from here. We were making pizzas on the grill, which we’ve never done before. It appears our grill was too hot, because the bottoms were black before we could even get the tops “topped.”

The good news is — Ed got two fully topped, fully burned pizzas. He thought they were great. I mean . . . what’s a little charred crust between friends?

(Next time we know to cook our pizza crusts on both sides on the grill, then bring them into the kitchen to top and melt in a hot oven.)

We made seven pizzas. The last three were fit for humans. I forgot to take a photo until I cleaned up the leftovers. At that point, the pizza looked like this:

It wasn’t my prettiest work, but it was darn tasty anyway.

By the way, I highly recommend this pizza crust recipe (which I found while perusing the Penzey’s web site after discovering my new life motto). I only made two changes: I increased the sugar to 1 TBLS and I made the crust in my food processor rather than by hand in a bowl. I proofed the yeast in the warm water for five minutes, then dumped all the ingredients in the processor bowl and let it mix the dough for about three minutes.

If you’ve never made pizza crust on the grill, it’s easy and it gives the crust a nice flavor along with a chewy texture.

It was a better-than-average way to spend a Saturday night with the family, especially considering pizza was followed by make-your-own Sundays and then root-for-your-favorite team (Celtics!) basketball.

With gratitude {for the opportunity to love my people and cook them tasty food},

Joan, who wants all her Oklahoma friends to know she’ll be Thundering Up come the finals but she couldn’t resist cheering for her second-favorite place to live (Boston) given the match-up



  1. This has to be one of your prettiest table tops ever! Granted, I’m a sucker for the summery stuff. That Ed is a lucky pup. So, you are saying it is a bit like crepes where you lose the first one or two to the pan?

    I’ll be certain to check out the pizza crust recipe – it sounds like a winner. Have you tried using a pizza stone in a super hot oven yet? I keep thinking I want to get a stone but never quite hit “send” on the order. If you would be so sweet as to get one and test it all out? I’d appreciate that very much. No rush. Really. Whenever you get the time will do. Thenk yew.

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