Best motto for life, EVER.

Dear friends,

So yesterday I was leaving the office and the van parked next to me had this sticker on it.

I saw it just as I was driving away — so I circled the lot, parked again, and got out and took a photo.

It’s so me!

I’m kinda mad the sticker isn’t on my car. (And I don’t believe in bumper stickers any more than I believe in tattoos. Which is not at all.)

I mean . . . that’s all I aspire to do.

Love people.

Cook them tasty food.

In fact, nothing in this world makes me happier than when I cook tasty food for the people I love.

Anyway, just wanted you to know my whole life was right there on a minivan today. (I’d feel a little clichéd if it wasn’t so darn perfect.) It almost made me cry. It definitely made me happy.

With gratitude {for signs from the universe that reinforce my personal philosophies, kinda like fortune cookies only better},

Joan, whose friend Jennifer saw my photo on Instagram yesterday and told me she has the same sticker, which she purchased at Penzey’s and  which I later discovered has a store in St. Louis and is, therefore, a destination in my near-future



  1. Penzey’s is pretty much a grown up toy store for those of us who love to cook from scratch. I am almost embarrassed to admit how many Penzey’s spices I own. It is probably getting very close to 100 different spices. Some women have a shoe collection. I have a spice collection!

  2. I’m aware of Penzey’s through my son (he’s a chef) as an online ordering resource for certain herbs and spices. I didn’t realize they are also in the business of summing up life’s work for so many of us. Though I generally applaud your no-bumper-stickers approach I’d agree… If seeing that made you laugh and cry? You ought to have one! You could always slap it victoriously on the gate closest to the Unfriendlies on the road to your mountain property. Hopefully it would annoy them while you were away…(and yes apparently I AM that spiteful type at least in theory).

  3. IrishJenn says:

    I’m glad you have a Penzey’s within reasonable driving driving distance. And, I’m glad to tell you that the stickers are FREE. If your store doesn’t have the stickers, let me know and one will be in the mail to you toute de suite!

  4. Joan, that Penzey’s is a wonderful place. Be prepared to spend some serious time and $ there. Right down the street is a vinegar/olive oil store with tastings. A wonderful place to spend some time. Be sure to visit Home (a restaurant) while in that area!

  5. I love the Penzeys catalog not for the spices (though we also get our spices from them), but for the heartwarming stories of the real people who cook and use Penzeys. This month’s theme was veterans and soldiers. They profile the people and then print their recipes. It’s kind of cheesy, but I always read it anyway.

    I’ve never been to one of their stores, though. Someday . . .


  1. […] pizza crust recipe (which I found while perusing the Penzey’s web site after discovering my new life motto). I only made two changes: I increased the sugar to 1 TBLS and I made the crust in my food […]

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