The Mountain. {A stage whisper}

Dear friends,

Mr. Mom is headed out this morning. He’s on his way to Colorado via an overnight stay in Wichita for yet another hearing in our long-running mountain saga.

As we were falling asleep last night, he said “I’m kind of uneasy about things.”

“I am too,” I responded, “but I’m hoping for the best.”

As always, we never know if the hearing will actually take place. It’s scheduled for Tuesday morning, but just last week, the the judge scheduled a Monday phone conference between our attorney and the Unfriendly’s to discuss several matters at hand. It worries us that the results of the conference could impact or delay the hearing.

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. What’s happening this week is about 10 installments ahead of what I last posted.  (When I announced I was going to start writing about the mountain, I thought it might take a dozen or so installments to tell the story. I just finished drafting Part 14 and I’m still in 2010. Gulp.)

Anyway, if the hearing proceeds (meaning things don’t go to hell and the judge doesn’t delay the hearing like he did here) then Mr. Mom will likely be gone a week. Besides missing him and all he does for us, I’ll be sitting on pins and needles waiting for updates.

Send some good thoughts our way, will you? I got an email from a dear friend earlier this week saying she had been reading The Mountain “with interest/heartache.” I smiled in recognition of her feelings.  I said early on it would be a fascinating account if only it were anybody’s story but ours. Still, her words of encouragement meant a lot and here’s to good vibes for a positive outcome.

With gratitude {for friends, well wishes, and the blessing of a steadfast partner who’s been by my side every step of the way},

Joan, who’s planning to spend the day in St. Louis with Kate for a much-needed mother-daughter outing


  1. Have a great time with Kate in St. Louis and enjoy every minute. I really miss those times so much with Valerie. Sorry you have so much heartache with the mountain, when you should be able to enjoy the beauty of the land and life.

  2. I’m trying to understand the motives of the “Unfriendlys.” Do they want your property? Do they think you have another option to get to your property. Or, do they just want you to know that you have some property beyond theirs but you will never have access to it? What could they be thinking?

  3. The author. says:

    Dee — I’ve spent many years contplating their motives. Mr. Mom is convinced they hoped to bankrupt us and get our land. Remember, Mrs. Unfriendly married a California real estate developer and both our properties had appreciated a great deal. She knows there is no other feasible route. But I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as the story goes on. To me, it is clear she is a miserable person.

  4. Alisa Barnard says:

    Good wishes and prayerz for next week!

  5. Fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome! When all is said and done, I fully expect/intend (Universe – are you listening?) an invitation to visit The Mountain for a girls’ weekend at your sure-to-be-lovely cabin. 🙂

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