What I did on my summer vacation.

Dear friends,

Since Mr. Mom once accused me of writing posts that sound like “summer vacation” essays, I thought I’d tell you what I actually did on my summer vacation, where summer vacation equals Memorial Day.

I sat in my favorite chair for a long time.

This chair in my master bedroom gets good light and is my favorite place to write. I worked on my next installment of The Mountain. It was the hardest one yet to write. I wasn’t feeling it. That’s the trouble with blogs. Like everything else in life, sometimes you enjoy them and sometimes they’re drudgery.

Then I laid on the sofa and watched television for most of the day. When I got bored by what was on television, I napped. Or looked out the window at the view.

Both were acceptable diversions on a lazy holiday.

I also helped Mr. Mom make a kickin’ pot of beef stew. And I ate two cupcakes, which means my cleanse took a hit. I’ll do better tomorrow.

I promise.

I also filed my nails and prepared a document for an early Tuesday morning meeting. There’s always chores. Even on holidays.

I got up at 6 am, so I kind of expected more from myself. But you know, the previous several days were a tad busy, what with all the graduating and celebrating and river canoeing we did. By the way, here’s a shot from our trek down the river on Saturday.

That’s Parker, one second after I should have snapped the photo at the apex of his rope swing. iPhone cameras weren’t made for action shots, I learned. Or for rivers, for that matter. I promptly put it back in a Ziploc bag and called it good.

So now you know how I spent my summer vacation. How did you spend yours? Please tell because, well . . . I’m curious.

With gratitude {for a long weekend with plenty of activity and the right amount of non-activity},

Joan, who is part over-achiever and part sloth depending on what day it is and what’s on television



  1. Let’s see. We ticked most of the boxes on our Memorial Day weekend To-Do list. Grilled foods? Pool floating while consuming adult beverages? Bit of a sunburn? Red white and blue decorations snapping in the wind? Moment of silence for fallen soldiers? Stopping to admire the flowers? Done and done.

  2. I chased a child around while he chased his father around while his father did all the weed whacking we hadn’t done yet this year; moved the rest of the enormous ash tree chunks to the beach; set up a huge water tank in the garden for me, put a new handle on the pitchfork; mowed down the thistles in the pasture; built a stone boat (an ancient design for a kind of sled to move really heavy loads more easily) and hauled some logs . . . it was dizzying.

    Also, we moved three beds and four bookcases in preparation for moving the older child into a different room before the next one comes. And we sweated. A lot.

    I like your weekend better.

  3. I spent yesterday laid up with food poisoning. At least I think that is what it was. It was terrible and I am having to take a sick day today to recover from the wretchedness of yesterday. But before that struck me, i had fun at book club and a pig roast (which I think is what made me sick- something from the bbq).

  4. Maridel says:

    Memorial Day in London is just a Monday. But next Monday will be a BIG DAY for England — Queen Mum’s Diamond Jubilee. The Union Jack bunting is draping the city. HAIL BRITANNIA!

  5. Part over-achiever part sloth must be in our genetics. I am currently replacing about 80% of the woodwork in our house….and while I have a carpenter doing all the main work, guess who the painter is? Yes, me. Your cousin who thought all this painting wouldn’t be so bad. On the flip side, no one has clean laundry or has even had a meal lately because in my down time I am watching NBA basketball.

    Your over-achieving cousin who currently resides in Painting Purgatory

  6. Oh lord, I’m so with you Beth! I did the same thing over spring break, only with 5 bathroom cabinets. I painted all the boxes and hired a professional to spray the doors and drawers. Every time I see the imperfections I am responsible for, I kick myself for not paying him to do all of it. Plus, I still haven’t bought hardware because I can’t find anything I like at a price I’m willing to pay. PS: Send me a FB message or a Tweet and let me know where Abby is going to college. I’m curious! Loved her graduation announcement and have a gift on the way.

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