The epidemic.

Dear friends,

One of the most fascinating things about writing a blog is discovering the search terms that cause people to stumble upon my site.

I had no idea when I wrote two posts early on mentioning Tina Fey that nearly every day someone would visit Debt of Gratitude as a result. “Tina Fey” is the number one search term on my site. “Tina Fey wallpaper” is number two. (I can’t explain why anybody is searching for Tina Fey wallpaper. I can, however, explain my interest in both the actress and the wallcovering.)

Lately, though, some odd search terms have popped up. Saturday it was “the epidemic of Mr. Moms.”  Really? There’s an epidemic? Not where we live. Not where we’ve ever lived. In fact, in all our married life, we’ve only known one other couple with a stay-at-home dad. And don’t get me started on my reaction to comparing a parenting choice to a disease.

Then yesterday, a search for “places to make pottery in Massachusetts” led a reader to me. I’ve written about places. And pottery. And Massachusetts. But not all three in the same post. I bet the reader was really disappointed in what I had to offer.

However, somebody else also stumbled across my site yesterday as a result of a search for “freckles.” I mentioned Kate’s freckles recently in a post about her prom photos and, who knows, maybe that reader got just what he/she was looking for.

You know what NOBODY searches for? Gratitude. Appreciation. Gratefulness. Thankfulness.

If there’s an epidemic happening out there, I’d say it’s a dearth of gratitude — which, as you know by now, is EXACTLY why I started this site and what I attempt to focus on — no matter how weakly or obliquely — every day.

So, yeah, it’s ironic that the very thing nobody searches for is exactly what I have to offer.

I’m going to keep beating my drum anyway. You never know when gratitude is going to trend.

And then, baby, I’m the number one Google search result. I can feel it.

With gratitude {for mysterious algorithms that bring readers searching for “highschool black shoes for girls” to my humble site},

Joan, who appreciates every single reader, every single day