A case of the Mondays.

Dear friends,

Yesterday I was flipping through the channels — you know, just vegging on the sofa — when I tripped across one of my favorite movies of all time, Office Space.

It was the beginning of the movie and I was totally sucked in by Peter Gibbons (played by Ron Livingston) and his “case of the Mondays.” I had forgotten the part where Peter asks his neighbor Lawrence, a dry wall installer, about his workplace:

Peter: Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday and you’re not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays”?

Lawrence: No. No, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked for saying something like that, man.

So given the risk of bodily harm, I will refrain from saying . . . I will refrain from categorizing my Monday, er yesterday, as anything other than another day at the office.

But, the truth is, yesterday wasn’t the best. And yesterday evening (when I sat down to write this post), I wasn’t feeling particularly creative. Or brimming with the spirit of gratitude, for that matter.

But then I remembered . . . I remembered that Kate’s senior prom was Saturday night. And I remembered I could show you the lovely portraits I took of her.

I call this one “Athena.”

And I call this one “Holy cow look at those eyes.”

I’d like to say she gets those eyes from me, but  that would be a lie. She gets her freckles from me (especially the freckles on her shoulders). Does that count?

She gets her teeth from her orthodontist, but I paid the bill. Does that count?

She gets her great taste in evening wear from me and I know that counts.

By the way she got her bracelet from me, too — rather she looted it straight from my jewelry box.

Oh, there’s one more thing:

See that sweet little hand of hers, so petite and pretty with long, delicate fingers?

She totally got her hand from me.

She did, however, get her date all on her own.

With gratitude {for the Grecian Goddess who just happens to live in my house — for 74 more days},

Joan, who is also responsible for the beauty in Kate’s left ear, because that one is all me, unlike the right one which came from Mr. Mom