An endless cycle of gorgeous.

Dear friends,

The cards and gifts for Kate’s graduation started rolling in yesterday.  (Bonus! said the sweet CupKate)

Among the most adorable packages was one from my friend Maridel, who’ve you’ve met before in this post. Her gift was enclosed with the card above.

I won’t speak for Kate but I will say it makes a girl feel good when somebody understands our personal burdens.

An endless cycle of gorgeous . . . yep, that’s me, all right. And I have the shoes to prove it.

With gratitude {for sweet friends who are wishing my adorable Kate well},

Joan, or you can call her Imelda of the Midwest



  1. texasdeb says:

    You are obviously very brave, dealing with that endless cycle of gorgeous and apparently, passing that womanly coping wisdom along to your sweet Kate along the way. The Awesome Marches On! Congrats to all but especially to Kate who took the upending of her senior year with such apparent aplomb. That girl is 9 kinds of all right.

  2. Maridel says:

    Dear Imelda, Kay Foley (the card artist) has published two quirky little books: Merry Thoughts and More Merry Thoughts. Check her out at

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