Dear friends,

I’m one of the those parents who brags about my kids on Facebook. If this annoys you, I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. Consider it a symptom of an almost empty-nester. Maybe I’ll lay off for a few years after Parker moves out, but I’m sure I’ll be a prolific grandparent bragger as soon as the opportunity presents itself. (But please, opportunity, don’t present yourself too soon.)

The good news is I am friendly to other braggy parents and grandparents. I never get annoyed and I almost always leave “Great job!” and “Congratulations!” comments on other parents’ posts. (And I’m not just trolling for compliments. I truly enjoy reading about the accomplishments of my friends’ children and I consider it my civic duty to spread the love on Facebook.)

Anyway, my point today is to level the score between my children. I’ve done an awful lot of bragging about Kate, what with her being a senior and going off to college to play tennis. But I have another tennis player in the house and fair play dictates I give Parker a bloggy shout-out.

I just got his tennis photos back from the photographer. Parker’s wearing his game face rather than the smile I would have preferred, but I suppose that’s what boys do.

Yesterday, Parker’s team won the first round of competition in their district tournament. Parker lost his singles match, but he and his partner won their dubs match handily. I took the day off so I could spectate and be a mother, which included making sandwiches for the team and tweeting about Parker’s four aces.

Did I mention I also brag on Twitter? If you can’t use social media for self-and/or-family-promotion, what’s the point? I mean really?

Besides, there was hardly anybody there to witness the match so I had to tweet about it. (As did Kate.)

The sole spectator is me. Despite the loneliness of being a high school tennis fan in this part of the country, new media has helped create a virtual crowd. (At least three likes on my “fourth ace” Facebook post seemed like a crowd.)

School will be out soon and I promise to move on to other topics besides my kids. #ormaybenot

With gratitude {for a Monday better than most},

Joan, an equal opportunity gasbag, braggart, blatherskite, boaster, windbag, bigmouth (and Thesaurus-lover)

For two interesting views on Facebook bragging, read this post by Yoonanimous and this post by Glennon Melton. Yoona made me laugh (and think Oh God, I do that!) and Glennon made me pause (and think Oh God, I do that!).


  1. As an Old Geezer Facebooker, let me say the thing I like best about Facebook is seeing stories about old friends from the past and their families. D&H

  2. Leann Bailey says:

    It is our parental obligation to brag on our children! Looks like you didn’t have to change school colors when you moved! Very convenient.

  3. Allison says:

    Brag away….I love it too!

  4. texasdeb says:

    I have a real love/hate relationship with FB. Yet, when I stay away, I feel I MUST BE missing out on all sorts of newsy proclamations and fun announcements. Which is also my main complaint about FB: that when I AM there – what I mostly see is a lot of other stuff that is so NOT anything personal or particular about the people I care to know. Including on my own wall.

    Given the “forever” nature of the interweb, I’ve felt constrained from putting anything out there I would feel uncomfortable explaining to….whoever. (whomever? whatever…)

    For most of us geezer types FB serves (or should serve) as something of a really long fence… a place we can all show up and lean on to weigh in with the daily whatnots. And yes, some people will always, ALWAYS be a lot cooler with how they do that.

    So….. As long as we have cultural observers, and as long as the need exists for younger posters to distinguish themselves from their elder/adaptives, there will be no dearth of opinions expressed about correct/incorrect ways to write blog or FB posts either one.

  5. C.D.Jarmola says:

    I totally understand your need to balance. I was just at a writers’ conference and a friend asked to see a picture of Darku. So I got out my phone and I’m not kidding I have over 4,000 photos on it – all of Kasia. I felt like a very bad mother.

  6. Being a former tennis player and parent of a former high school tennis player, I love to hear about the kids and their tennis activities. Can’t believe you were the only spectator. Don’t know if I would call it bragging or pointing out the finer points of your kids’ tennis matches. Way to go Parker!

  7. Maridel says:

    Hey, you forgot bloviator….

  8. bungalow56 says:

    The picture cracks me up. You look so darn lonely. I’m afraid there are very few tennis players in our part of the woods. But any game that is scored with love is an Ace in my books. Congrats to your tennis champ. He looks like he’s 6ft 7″ in this shot.

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