By way of explanation.

Dear friends,

And that pretty much sums up my day yesterday. It was Monday. It was a migraine of a Monday, in both the literal and the figurative senses.

I’m sorry I have nothing better to offer you.

But, hey . . . download the sign if you want and hang it on your desk next time you’re having a day.

You’re welcome.

With gratitude {for somebody else’s words that do the talking better than me on this day},




  1. texasdeb says:

    Recently while cooling my heels in a waiting room while my grown daughter got a meningococcal booster to go back to school, I spotted an entire magazine devoted solely to migraines and migraine sufferers. Fortunately for me, my own migraines are not that severe, but the magazine served as a very real reminder of how devastating headaches can be in/to a person’s life. I am hopeful you are past the headache “event” and that today along with the rest of your week will be gently uneventful.

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