The creek done rose.

Dear friends,

I don’t know about your place, but it’s been raining here.  We put the work week to bed with rain and we started the weekend with rain.

The clouds finally parted for a bit on Saturday and Mr. Mom and Parker took a walk in our woods. What is usually a trickling stream snaking through our acreage was a superhighway of rain waters. Take a look at the photo Mr. Mom took with his phone:

We’ve had just enough rain and sunshine in the last month to persuade our woods to show off its foliage in nearly neon colors.

See that trail that runs through the brush? That’s where Mr. Mom and Parker and their friends ride their motorcycles. You can’t tell very well from this photo, but Mr. Mom has worked hard to clear a labyrinth of trails through our property. Every weekend, there’s a group of somebodys riding out back, including a group of mountain bikers Mr. Mom befriended. I don’t know about the cyclists, but the motocross boys love to ride through the creek. So does Ed. (Well, he doesn’t ride; he runs, but I guess you knew that.)

I don’t run through the creek (guess you knew that too) but it might surprise you to hear I’ve been running cross country through our woods. It’s a nice change of pace from road running, sticker bushes notwithstanding. I’ve got two new scars on my right leg from a wayward thorn.

Heat hasn’t been an issue so far, but I was surprised the woods are about 10 degrees cooler than the road. Assuming it doesn’t get too buggy, I might find summer running relief on my own property.

One of our neighbors even likes to walk our trails with his Labrador Retriever. Best we can tell, Fruitcake (the Lab) really likes it, too.

Here’s a photo Parker snapped with his phone and tweeted. I was kind of stunned by its beauty when I saw it.

I’m an original prairie girl, so I’m surprised how much I enjoy having a tract of wooded land.  I didn’t realize I would find it so scenic. And I certainly didn’t realize the riders (and walkers) would flock here, but I’m more than happy to share our little garden spot with anybody who can enjoy it.

With gratitude {for a lovely place to call our own with all sorts of wooded nooks and crannies to explore},

Joan, who always thought all she needed was a cabin and a pinafore and she could be Laura Ingalls Wilder