Material girl.

Dear friends,

I tripped across this quote while reading yesterday and couldn’t help sharing it with you today.

A bit of Friday inspiration, perhaps?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in recent years contemplating attachments — and how to rid myself of them. I haven’t been all that successful, honestly. I’m attached to so many material things — food, clothes, trinkets. (Isn’t it ironic how material things are really so immaterial?) Mostly, though, I’m attached to outcomes.

As if.

As if I control anything — but still, I attach myself to my notions of how everything in my orbit should turn.

I’m learning. Really I am.

And gems like the one above help me. Help me to remember that I’m trying to steer my boat by love and attachment is the opposite direction.

So I must run. Gotta turn my boat around.

With gratitude {for universal reminders sprinkled throughout the universe},

Joan, who invites you to read the full article at tricycle